4 Tools to Edit your Facebook Groups Videos

4 Tools to Edit your Facebook Groups Videos

Facebook Groups Videos should be one type of content that you should definitely use in order to have a successful Facebook Group. If you want to know

Facebook Groups Videos should be one type of content that you should definitely use in order to have a successful Facebook Group. If you want to know why you should use video content in Facebook Groups, check out this article.

In terms of new Facebook Group features, there haven't been many changes in the past few weeks. The most recent features that appeared in July 2018 are:

  • Watch Party feature  – this has been launched just at the end of July 2018 for everyone, internationally. We mentioned it here. Just as a reminder, the Facebook Group Watch Party is a feature that lets the member of the group watch videos together, live. It's really easy to do. You can choose to watch videos that are already uploaded in your group's album, or you can check out some Facebook Videos. You'll have a Watch Party in a second – you'll be able to interact with your members live, as they can comment and react in no-time. It's a really nice engagement idea for your Facebook Group;
  • Stories feature – this year Facebook rolled-out Stories, just like in Instagram and Snapchat. And now they are available in Facebook Groups, too. These stories are visible to the members of your group, you can add them to your own story or you can send them through Facebook Messenger. Using Facebook Group Stories is a quite nice way to interact with your audience. Maybe there are situations that are not suitable for an actual post, you just want to quickly share something funny or some news. Every member of your group can post a story, but you still have the option to let only the admins do it. Read more about them, here.
  • Get Together option – it was pretty easy to create an event right in your Facebook Group, to meet with your members and discuss face-to-face. Now it's even more appealing as the Get Together option really creates that feeling of a community. It's easy to set up a day, a place and an hour to meet with your community;
  • Support Charity – Facebook tries to support its community as much as it can. Firstly, they introduced this similar type of post (fundraiser) for the common user. This year they added the Support charity to Facebook Groups. You can only choose to help verified charities, therefore no one can fool anybody;
  • Group Insights – a key feature for admins. Now they know a lot more about how their group is performing. As a result, they can work on improving it and making it a successful Facebook Group;
  • Mark as Announcement – pinned posts are replaced by a whole new category, which is really useful. You can mark multiple posts, and they will appear in the specific tab; your member will never lose news anymore.

If you want to find out more about each new Facebook Group feature, I invite you to read about all of them right in this article.

In case you followed us these past weeks, while we were writing about Facebook Groups, you'll see that we've covered a lot of topics. We talked about various aspects, such as:

Our latest article was about ways to use video content in Facebook Groups. I tried to explain why is it a good idea to use video content in your Facebook Group. Of course, this kind of article couldn't come without some examples of video content.

Watch Party, Stories, and Live Videos were the ones I focused the most on. In my opinion, nowadays video content can be everything, not just specifically promotion videos. Content can be found everywhere, especially in this world where information travels fast. Therefore, even Stories about quick news or great moments, even Live Videos where you just talk to your group community can be considered video content. This is strictly my opinion.

OK, so uploading videos on Facebook is easier than doing it on YouTube. But you still have to create attractive videos in order to entertain your group's community. You still have to offer them quality content, not just a video of you sitting in front of the camera and waiting for your members to interact. No, YOU should be the one that takes the first step in creating a so-called dialogue.

Moving on, I realized that many of you, maybe owners of Facebook Groups or maybe soon-to-be owners, would like to know about some tools with which you can create marvelous video content. That is why I thought I could write this article. I searched for some smartphone apps for some quick video editing, but I've also pinned 2 online software/tools. Of course, all of them are budget-friendly, even free; you have no excuse not to use them!

Desktop Tools editing videos for Facebook Groups

Adobe Spark

Don't judge me, but I discovered this tool last year when I got the chance to buy the whole Adobe package. Still, this tool is free to use. You just have to create an Adobe account (choose between Google, Facebook or email).

This is how it looks like:

Facebook Groups Videos - Tools - Adobe Spark

Facebook Groups Videos - Tools - Adobe Spark

The great part of this tool is that it offers you the possibility to either create some social media designs, either create a video or create a landing page. It's a versatile software, and the fact that it does all of these for FREE, it makes it even cooler. You can save a whole lot of time when have to create content for your Facebook Group. It's simple and intuitive.

To begin with, if you want to create a video, you can either start from scratch or you can choose from one of the story templates. Being new to the software, you can test it out with a template.

Facebook Groups Videos - Tools - Adobe Spark

Facebook Groups Videos - Tools - Adobe Spark

There are several types of video content you can add in your Facebook Group LINK. Between them, there are presentation videos, DIYs, and tutorials. For these, you may want to and need a bit of a sound. Spark offers you 37 stock songs that you can use. They are categorized by feeling (happy, uplifting, warm etc.).

Still, it can happen that you won't find there the right song for your video. The cool part is that you can add your own music. But be sure it's legally downloaded & used. If you aren't sure about the origin of the song you have on your computer, you can check out these sites for royalty free music.

You can add videos directly and only from your computer. If you want to make a video out of photos, you can upload them from your computer, Google Photos, Dropbox, Lightroom, Adobe Stock and Creative Cloud. Of course, you can also choose from free stock photos curated by Pixabay and Unsplash. Icons are permitted, too; you can add them from the Spark library.

Another new Facebook Groups feature that I talked about in this article LINKwhat do you know. is the Learning Units. They are similar to tutorials. In this case, you may need videos with your own voice recorded. Spark lets you do this – record your own voice and add it to your video

Choosing a design for your video can be hard sometimes. Especially if you are a beginner. Spark gives you the opportunity to choose from 8 themes. Each of them has its own motion and font. You can't change them separately.

Facebook Groups Videos - Tools - Adobe Spark

Facebook Groups Videos - Tools - Adobe Spark

You can also change the layout, and you have 4 layouts to choose from. They are designed to help you create a flow for your video. There's a fullscreen, split screen, caption, and title+text.

Resizing your video is really easy: choose from widescreen and square.

Let's not forget about the fact that you have to add a new canvas for each video you want to add in you video-project. You can adjust the length of each canvas if you upload photos. If you upload a video, you are able to trim it before adding it. Still, the maximum length of each canvas is 7 seconds.

Automatically, at the end of the video-project, you'll see that the credits will be automatically added – therefore you don't have to worry about mentioning your sources (if you select them from the Spark library).

Personally like this online software because:

  • it is free;
  • it lets you create videos, edit photos for different platforms, and even create landing pages. Honestly, it's a complete software that can be extremely useful in managing a successful Facebook Group.

You have to keep in mind that this tool is best to use for classic videos, not for stories. Stories have a different size, that Spark doesn't have.


Filmora by Wondershare is a software that you can download for your Mac or Windows computer. It also has a smartphone app, called FilmoraGo. Besides these, there is Filmora Scrn, with which you can record your screen.

All of them are really powerful video editing tools. Filmora for desktop is free, but if you want the watermark removed, and technical support, you'd have to pay $60 for lifetime access. Reviews say that it's an easy tool to use, even for those that haven't edited a video before.

With Filmora you have many more options to customize your video-project. It includes the basic stuff like adding text, adding music, recording. As a plus, you can add effects and transition, just the way you like. There are also motion elements, that can enhance your videos.

Perhaps all of the default effects are not enough for you. In this case, you can go to the Effects Store LINK and choose between free or paid effects. Buy a subscription for $9.99, and you'll have access to more than 1000 video effects.

As I've said, it's a powerful software. Just look at a part of its features:

Facebook Groups Video - Tool - Filmora

Facebook Groups Video - Tool - Filmora

Image what can you do with all of these, and think about how you'll impress your Facebook Group community. Filmora can be used for presentation videos, DIY, tutorials etc.

FilmoraGo is the smartphone version. It works for both Android and iOS phones. Borrowing features from the desktop version, this app can be extremely useful if you're not around your laptop, but you still have to edit your video. It will definitely not replace the desktop version, but it is good enough. It has 3 out of 5 stars on Apple Store.

It mostly has all of the desktop version's features: Picture-in-Picture, Color Adjustment, Add music from the app's library or from your own device, Record your voice, Add transitions, Effects, and Overlays, Slow down or Speed Up, Add text and so many more. Since its free, I advise you to give it a try.

I do have to mention two things: the app works in landscape mode only. And if you filmed vertical videos (for Stories, for example), you won't be able to edit them having that size. Filmora will automatically zoom in, to capture the widescreen version. You can change the size only to square, 21:9, 16:9; add a frame (blurred or black), to make sure that you'll see the vertical video in full size.

The third option from Filmora is Filmora Scrn, which lets you record your screen, and then edit them in a professional way. Think of how useful this is if you want to create some tutorials for your Facebook Group. Or maybe you own a video games group – playing games and showing what you played to your members. Here are the features:

Facebook Groups Video - Tool - Filmora Scrn

Facebook Groups Video - Tool - Filmora Scrn

This software is definitely a complete one. If you don't mind the watermark, then you can use it for free. When your Facebook Group will become more successful and you'll improve your editing skills, then you can pay for the full version.


I discovered InShot a while back when I was avidly searching for a more complete photos+video+collage editing app. I stumbled upon this, and I've kept it on my phone for almost 3 years.

Facebook Group Video - Tools - InShot

Facebook Group Video - Tools - InShot

I like it because it's really easy to use – you can quickly add a filter and an effect to your Story, then post it in your Facebook Group. The newest version lets you add multiple videos, and connect them with transitions. It has versions for both iOS and Android smartphones.

It is perfect for editing both classic videos and stories. You can quickly change de canvas, choosing from 12 sizes. Filters are there, Effects are there, and even Adjustments are there. Not all effects are free, but the paid ones are not expensive at all.

If you choose a canvas, you can pick from various colors and templates for the background. Regarding the text by adding a feature, you can change its color and choose from 16 different fonts.

Regarding music, you can add effects, record your voice or choose from iTunes, if you have an account. Either way, to can adjust the length, and trim the sound, in order to fit perfectly into your video.

The bonus part is that you can add stickers to your videos – think how much will you entertain your Facebook Group community on those specific Monday Fundays. Yes, these are an idea of an engagement post that you can use to bring a smile to your members right from the beginning of the week.

This app is perfect for editing both classic videos and stories. Still, I read some reviews and they say that sometimes it even takes an hour to process a long-long video; therefore, be prepared for battery draining.

Hype Type

Sometimes you need simplicity, sometimes you just need something for your Facebook Group Stories, to make them a bit more special. Combining these two needs will result with Hype Type app. Available for both iOS and Android smartphones.

For every video you upload, you can add two text boxes, each of 100 characters. As the video will play, the text will appear one after the other.

Facebook Group Videos - Tools - Hype Type

Facebook Group Videos - Tools - Hype Type

The minimum length for an uploaded video is 5 seconds. Regarding the video, you can flip it vertically, play it in reverse (which automatically flips it horizontally), and you can speed up or slow it down.

Yes, you can also add music from iTunes; you can't trim the music, making it shorter than the video. You can only swipe left/right, to choose the exact part of the song.

If you want to make a mini-presentation video, but you don't have videos, you can use only photos to create the perfect Story to post to your Facebook Group.

Back to adding the text, the main feature of this app. There are text styles, all named after the alphabet. There are 9 text effects that are not available unless you unlock them. Each text effect has a different font, style, and arrangement. Tap on each style (each letter), and you'll have a surprise: you'll find even more text styles!

Regarding colors, you can't choose only one color for the text you want to write; there are only 28 color sets, each sets combining 3 colors.

If you have a video with a lot of details, you can choose to blur the video when the text appears, so that everything will be clear.

Facebook Group Videos - Tools - Hype Type

Facebook Group Videos - Tools - Hype Type

I believe that this app is a great help if you want to create some professional stories for your Facebook Group. It's quick, easy to use, free, and the results are quite amazing. I'm sure that your community will love to see your stories on a daily basis.

So what will you choose? A desktop app, an online one or a smartphone app? I believe that this decision will come to you right after you'll decide what type of Facebook Group Videos you'll want to create and share. In my opinion, you should use them all:

  • Spark if you are creating basic videos and if you have a laptop to work on;
  • Filmora if your video has to be way more professional;
  • Filmora Scrn if you're into screen sharing videos;
  • InShot for quick Facebook Groups Video edits on your phone;
  • HypeType for beautiful, yet simple text Stories.

Let us know if you are using different tools to edit your Facebook Groups Videos.

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