12 Best Facebook Groups – Entrepreneurs, Marketing, Bloggers, Startups

Last couple of times we discussed Facebook Groups from the admin perspective. In this article, I'll take care of the ones that just want to be members

Last couple of times we discussed Facebook Groups from the admin perspective. In this article, I'll take care of the ones that just want to be members of a group. That is why here you'll find some Facebook Groups search and other recommendations, and the Best Facebook Groups to be in, depending on your domain.

Why join a Facebook group?

Joining a Facebook group can bring a lot of benefits. But one of the most convenient one, in my opinion, is that you'd have many ideas, advice, and questions right in front of your nose. Searching for information on Google is still the quickest thing to do, but you don't always find what you need. And you can't ask Google if your idea about something is good (maybe in the future, but right now, nope). A forum is OK, but it's not that quick in answers. I would make an analogy: forums are for Facebook Groups just like emails are for Instant Messaging.

People need quick answers. Time is the most expensive resource.
So being a member of a Facebook group can help you connect with people that share the same interests as you, and you can ask for advice if you are not sure of something.

There are so many types of Facebook Groups, I can't even think of them all. I made a list with a few, right in this article. For now, we'll just stick to the social learning kind of groups.

How to search for Facebook Groups

You can easily go on the Facebook's search bar and just type in what you are searching. After that, go straight to the Groups Tab and click on it. Facebook made things a bit easier and now it recommends you topics to search for.

discover Facebook Groups recommendations

Scroll up and down, open groups in new tabs, read about them on the internet, and join the group you want.

Check Facebook Recommendations

If you already clicked on a group, you'll see that Facebook will recommend you some similar ones, in the right part of the screen. You can definitely check those, too.

From your phone app, go directly to the Groups tab and then tap on Discover. I have to mention that Facebook will recommend mostly local groups. If you want to join a group from another location, you should try to find some inspiration on Google.

Things to do before you join a group

Facebook Groups are certainly not a place to bully someone, to be rude, to spam other users and so on. Most of the groups have their own well-established rules (which is a crucial thing for an organized group). If you find groups that don't specify their rules, think that what I've said a sentence ago are some unwritten rules you must comply.

Of course, no one MAKES you obey some rules, but if you don't, you'll risk being removed from the group. There is a saying that “if you don't have something nice to say, then you'd better not say anything”.

Best Facebook Groups

There is a vast amount of Facebook Groups that you could join, but I put myself in your place and selected the ones that you, as a digital savvy, could benefit from.

They are divided intro 3 main categories, so that you can easily find what you want.

Best Facebook Groups Online Marketing

Chatbots : How to build an online business with Messenger Marketing

Chatbots 101 Groups - Best Facebook Groups

As we all know, one of the new tech things in online marketing are Chat bots. This domain grows quickly, as marketing automation becomes used more and more. So I began to research about chat bots, and I've found the perfect group for you.

It is fairly new, created 7 months ago by Hector Santiesteban and now it has almost 3000 members.
They don't have the rules right up-front, in the About section, but I believe it is best to stick with the classics: be polite, be active, don't promote yourself unless it is permitted.

The group is hosted by millennialskills.com, a community that can help you develop various skills (mostly personal development).

Social Media For Entrepreneurs

Social Media for Entrepreneurs - Best Facebook Groups

Created 2 years ago by Josh Forti, this is a great Facebook group for… entrepreneurs that are interested in social media. It now has over 3000 members that support each other, talk about their mistakes, their successes.

You can find here great ideas, advice, and answers about social media. And I think every entrepreneur should know maybe more than just the basic stuff about social media.

They don't mention that you are not allowed to promote something, but keep a close eye on the group, and see what others are doing. You can also post and ask if it's permitted to promote something.
This community t has an Instagram account you can check, a Snapchat account, YouTube and Twitter.

SEO Digital Marketing Questions

SEO Digital Questions - Best Facebook Groups

As content marketing is on a rise, I believe every one of us should know something about SEO. This group has over 20000 members and it was created 2 years ago by Sumit Patel (I don't know if it's Neil Patel's brother, sorry).

They mention right in the About section that you are not allowed to promote something. You can just ask questions and discuss SEO.

They recommend that you use some hashtags for a better organization. I think this is great, members will find things easier.

Best Facebook Groups Entrepreneurs

Freedom Hackers Mastermind

Freedom Hackers - Best Facebook Groups

Are you searching for an enormous group? Here it is. Freedom Hackers Mastermind has over 45.000 members! Kimra Luna is the admin and the founder of www.freedomhackers.com. She is an online business strategist that has tons of followers around the world. They (people around the world) say her group is one of the most supportive ones.

As most of the groups, they don't allow spamming and they make it clear from the beginning. If you start spamming, you will be banned.

Members here help each other with advice, questions, answers ideas and more about online entrepreneurship. On Kimra's website, she says that she grew her whole community to over 200.000 people (combined email list and social media channels) in just a few years (since 2014). So you'll definitely find here something that is worth reading about online entrepreneurs.
This is the Facebook page, the Twitter account, and the YouTube channel.

Social Boss with Caitlin Bacher

Social Boss with Caitlin Bacher - Best Facebook Groups

Giving that we are talking about Facebook Groups, I should add this group here, too. It's created by a charismatic lady, Caitlin Bacher, and has around 35.000 members.

When you join, you can download a copy of how to start your own Facebook group as an entrepreneur.

You are not allowed to post promos (“your blog, your new email freebie, your email address, an image with your business name or website on it, asking for feedback on your website, your own blog post, your guest blog post, your products/services, your website, when you are broadcasting on periscope, your new hashtag, affiliate links, your Facebook group”). If you do this, the post will be deleted without warning.

She doesn't like rude people and she will make sure to post about this if something happens. Therefore, be kind and act accordingly. Don't stay in the shadow! Give advice, ask questions, and be active in the group.

Second Persuasion

60 Second Persuasion - Best Facebook Groups

If you are a small-business owner, this is the group for you. It is another big one, with over 20.000 members, and it was created 4 years ago. The mastermind is Bushra Azhar.

It is a group that every small business needs because it has posts and advice about everything. What does everything mean for a small business? Well, you know you need some knowledge about client communication, how to send emails, client psychology. You need to know how to negotiate, how to designs stuff. And this community will be of great support in all of these aspects.

Are you allowed to promote something here? No. You are allowed to share ideas, help others and ask questions.

Best Facebook Groups Bloggers and Copywriters

PAC Power Affiliate Club

PAC Affiliate - Best Facebook Groups

It's a kind and friendly community of bloggers. They offer help, ideas, they celebrate you if succeed in something, they wish you happy birthday. They really act like friends.

Lesly Federici created the group 5 years ago, and it's still the admin. The best part of this group is that they allow self-promotion. What does this mean? They have a weekly thread where you can promote two blog posts (per week, obviously). And, even though it's a small group – it has only about 300 members it is niche one. A niche Facebook Group facilitates communication and engagement, just as I've said in one of our articles.

These group's members are great at engagement. They are expected, as well as you are, to visit and comment on five posts in this thread. In my opinion, they easily comply to this rule because they are a handful, compared to the other groups. I think this is far better than having lots of members, because you can be sure that the fellow members are really there, are really communicating, and the rules will be obeyed.

I will rush to say that this may be my favorite group so far. Even though they have a bit old design, I can actually feel that they are friendly. Be sure to follow us on our social media account to find my opinion about them!

The only big rule they have is that you have to complete a form, prior to joining their group. If you don't do this, they will not accept you.

I have to mention that you can find them on Facebook and on Twitter. They also have a website where you are also invited to contribute. And they have a related group, where you can advertise your products and services: PAC ADVERTISING and Opportunities. Searching for their Facebook page, I found that they also have a magazine!

The CopyWriter Club

The copywriters Club - Best Facebook Groups - DrSoft

This Facebook Groups has around 8000 members, and it was created 8 years. It welcomes ONLY copywriters.

They have more straightforward rules, but who blames them? They have to keep their 8000 members community tidy. You can read the rules right before you join, and make sure you do that! As I've mentioned some paragraphs before, it's essential to be a good member, to know what to do in that specific group BEFORE you join it.

It is a group that doesn't allow self-promotion, only in some specific cases. They ask members only to help each other, share ideas, offer feedback and insights.
A nice thing about this community is that they also have a podcast that you can find here. They already have 96 podcasts so it will take you some time to listen to them all – but it will be worth it.

If you want, you can receive newsletters from them, by joining their list.
Their website is here.

Blog Beautiful

Blog Beautiful - Best Facebook Group - DrSoft

Blog Beautiful was created 6 years ago, by Marianne Manthey. It now has around 9000 members. It is a group that is related to the Design Your Own (lovely) Blog .

Blogs are not only about writing, they are also about design. Blog Beautiful welcomes members that want to get feedback on their design, but also on other blogging aspects. To join this group, you must complete this form here.

They offer a Free Css Workshop for bloggers, which is great for everyone that really wants to build a blog on their own.

This is also a group where blog posts and product promotion is not allowed (except on a specific day of the week).

Blogging for New bloggers

blogging for new bloggers - Best Facebook Groups - DrSoft

Of course, there is a community for newbies. Created just 8 months ago, it already has over 7500 members. Amazing, right?

The group is created by 3 lovely ladies that run the www.tinylovebug.com website.
Here you can promote yourself ONLY on a specific thread and on Fridays when you can post on the group wall. They offer a free blueprint to set up your future successful blog.
You can also join their Pinterest Group Boards, to also have your pins repinned.

Best Facebook Groups StartUps and Tech

Startup Group Silicon Valley

Startup Group Silicon Valley - Best Facebook Group - DrSoft

Even though it is a public group and has over 17.000 members, you can definitely find here something of your interest as a startup owner or as a tech-interested person.

It appears that the admin is mostly posting, but just by scrolling down I found interesting links and information about Java, Angular JS, Amazon, news in technology, medical apps, and so much more! It is definitely a group to take into consideration. Be right back, I'll just scroll, and open in new tab for just a little longer.

The catch here is that you have to post first on their Community website. They even let you become an author, but you have to demonstrate you can write qualitative posts, first.

The Startup Chat Mastermind Group

the startup chat mastermind group - Best Facebook Group - DrSoft

This is also a Public Group, that derived from the The Startup Chat Podcast by Steli Efti and Hiten Shah. You can check their podcast here.

It is a group about Startups growth, best practices, culture, and all that entrepreneurship that comes with starting a startup. If you have questions, you can even send the admins a private message, for a more 1 to 1 conversation.

They also don't allow self-promotion, or anything similar. Members should not post links, but try to engage with others, to share experiences and to ask questions. You are not allowed to use hashtags, either.

You've reached the end, yey! I really hope you found at least one group to join. Remember to keep an open mind, be kind, and join the groups you really want to be in. It's OK to want to join all of the above, right?

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