Best 61 YouTube Challenges Ideas to Make on Your Channel

YouTube challenges are one of the greatest video ideas you can try out for your channel. People love laughing, there's why funny videos are highly dem

YouTube challenges are one of the greatest video ideas you can try out for your channel.

People love laughing, there's why funny videos are highly demanded on YouTube.

Making challenges videos can also bring you closer to your audience. And, you get bonus points if you respond to your followers' queries about what challenges to do next.

Moreover, doing challenges is an amazing way to collaborate with other YouTubers.

There are all kinds of challenges out there you can try. So I put together a list of the funniest and most popular YouTube video challenges ideas you can do for your channel. In this list, you'll find challenges to do with your friends, to do by yourself at home, or even some challenges you can do as a couple.

Without further ado, let's get to it.

⭐ To make things more exciting, it's best to set some punishments for the ones losing the challenges.

Guess the food challenges

Candy cane challenge

Most YouTubers will probably love this easy and fun challenge idea. Someone has to buy a bunch of different flavors of candy canes, and then the blindfolded contestants have to guess what flavor it is. Who gets the most right answers wins. The stranger the flavors, the better.

Popsicle challenge

Another YouTube challenge that will test your taste buds, is this popsicle challenge. Someone prepares a couple of flavors of popsicles and the contestants have to guess their flavor. The popsicles can be store bought. Or things can be made more interesting if you have someone do the popsicles with unconventional flavors.

Chicken nugget challenge

One fun guessing YouTube challenge you can do with a friend if you are food lovers is the chicken nugget challenge. Someone has to buy chicken nuggets from different places of the city, and the participants have to guess where they are from. Similar video challenges ideas are the french fry challenge, the hamburger challenge, or the coffee challenge.

Pringles challenge

There are for sure lots of Pringles flavors you haven't tried before. Get someone to pick up some underrated flavors, bring a friend, and get blindfolded. Whoever gets the most right answers wins. This is a great video challenge for kids channels also.

Oreo challenge

Lemon Oreo, birthday cake, pumpkin spice. Can you guess the flavor? This is a fun guessing challenge to do with your friends. It's easy to make as all you need are some different flavors of Oreos and something to get blindfolded with.

Pop tart challenge

If you want to keep going with the sweets guessing, you can also choose pop tarts to guess their flavors.

Macaron challenge

Another guessing challenge idea is to test your knowledge about macarons flavors.

Starbucks challenge

This is an easy to do challenge fitted for all kinds of channels, including kids. You get someone to go to Starbucks and pick a couple of things from their menu. The contestants taste the drinks while blindfolded and have to guess what it is. For each right answer, you get a point. Whoever gets the most points wins the challenge.

Soda challenge

If you don't want to involve eating, but you like the idea of guessing the flavors, you can do it with sodas instead. There are lots of soda flavors out there to choose from. Get someone find more unconventional flavors for a more challenging competition.

Food challenges for YouTube

10000 calorie challenge

Because we are under the food challenges for YouTube, I'll start with the challenge with the most eating involved. Grab at least 10000 calories worth of food and – start eating. Usually, the challenge is done in one sitting, but you can also take it through the day. Or, you can take it up to 20000 calories in an hour if your stomach can take it.

Cereals challenge

If we're talking about eating tons of food in one sitting, how about eating a huge ball of cereal challenge?

Bean boozled challenge

One of the most popular YouTube challenges out there is inspired by the Harry Potter series. Remember those candies Dumbledore loved which could taste like ear wax? Well, you can find such candies in a store and try them out. You can do this YouTube challenge by yourself, but it's way more fun when there are at least two people taking the risk of tasting bugger candies.

Gummy food vs real food

For this food challenge, you need a couple of real foods along with a gummy version of them. The real food is placed on a different plate from the gummy one. The plates are covered so the contestants don't know what's on them. When they are given the plates, they can choose, by taking turns, if they keep the plate they were given or switch it with the opponent's plate. Both participants have to eat a full mouth of the food. You can keep it beginner friendly with strawberries, hamburgers, or eggs, or you can go in advanced mode with things like animal brain.

Brand vs generic food challenge

One of the most popular YouTube challenges is testing your abilities to differentiate foods from well-known brands from the cheaper versions of the same foods. The contestants are blindfolded when they taste the food and whoever gets the most foods right wins.

Tin can challenge

You can find a variety of ingredients packed in cans. Persuade a friend go buy some canned food, both good food and disgusting, take out the labels so you don't know what you're gonna get, and number the cans. The contestants draw a piece of paper with a number on it and have to eat a whole tablespoon from the can corresponding to the number.

Eat it or wear it challenge

This popular YouTube challenge involves a variety of foods (both good and disgusting) hidden in numbered paper bags so that contestants don't know what to expect. There's a bowl with folded pieces of paper with numbers on them and each contestant takes turns to draw a number form the bowl. After unrevealing what's inside the bag, the participant can either eat a whole spoon of the food or choose to have it dumped on his head. The winner is the one holding the least amount of food on his head in the end.

Saltine crackers challenge

What it might sound pretty easy at first, can turn out to be actually challenging to do. You have to eat 6 saltine crackers in 60 seconds without any water to aid.

Ghost pepper challenge

This YouTube challenge is rather difficult, and I won't suggest you try it if your stomach can't handle spicy well. The aim of this challenge is to eat as many ghost peppers as you can without screaming in pain, spitting, or crying. For most, even one pepper is too much, that's why you'll mostly see “gone wrong” versions of this challenge.

Pizza challenge

If you want a food challenge where you don't know the outcome of what you're going to eat, this challenge might be perfect for you. For this challenge, there must be at least 2 participants. You get someone to buy somewhere between 14-16 ingredients (not all of them designed to be placed on pizza), place them in numbered paper bags, and you have a bowl with numbered paper pieces. The participants must not know what odd ingredients they can find in the bags. Each contestant then picks a piece of paper from the bowl and adds the ingredient he/she finds in the bag on the pizza. In the end, you have to eat a full slice of that certainly not delicious pizza.

Smoothie challenge

Like with the pizza challenge, someone has to buy the ingredients without the participant knowing what those are. They will be placed in numbered paper bags, and the contestants will take turns in picking numbers from a bowl. Each of them will add the ingredients they pick in the blender and drink the smoothie that comes out. This can turn out to be a quite funny challenge video as the results are in most cases disgusting.

YouTube challenges without food

Singing gargle challenge

Here's a video challenge you can easily do at home with friends without needing any props. just, be ready to spit water all over yourself. The point of this challenge is to sing a song while gargling water and the other contestant has to guess what song it is. This can also be played in pairs of two and the team guessing the most songs wins.

Innuendo Bingo challenge

Another YouTube challenge where all you need is some water, a friend, and a place you don't mind getting wet. The challenge is simple: both contestants fill their mouths with water and stay facing each other. On the background, there need to be funny sounds and whoever laughs, looses. There's a lot of spitting water on each other, but it's a highly funny challenge.

Not my arms challenge

This is one of the most popular YouTube challenges as the result is most of the times hilarious. One person stays behind you showing only his/her arms, pretending the arms are yours. In this seating, your “fake hands” have to perform certain tasks. The most popular not my arm challenges are with makeup tutorials and cooking.

Heads up challenge

This is a game you can download both on iOS and Android devices and can be played with two or more people. You can choose from a variety of topics like songs, animals, or celebrities. One person has to hold the device with the card to guess above the head, and the other one has to give clues to the answer. It's a fun YouTube challenge you can do with friends at home without getting anything messy.

Egg roulette challenge

For this YouTube challenge, you'll need a couple of raw eggs and a couple of boiled ones. You can take 8 hard boiled eggs and 4 raw ones. Each person takes turns in picking an egg. Once you chose an egg, you have to crack it on your head. The first person that gets two raw eggs loses. You'll get a mess of eggs on your head if you're not lucky, but it's one of the funniest challenges.

Chubby bunny challenge

I remember first seeing this game in “What's with Andy” cartoons. It's a fun challenge you can do with your friends. Every time you put a marshmallow in your mouth you have to say “chubby bunny”. The goal is to fit in your mouth as many marshmallows as you can. The loser is the one who can't add any more marshmallows or can't say chubby bunny.

Cinnamon challenge

I don't think I have to say more about this challenge, but it deserves to be on this list as it made some notable noise on the internet in the past years. Be warned though, this challenge can turn out to be quite dangerous.

Try not to laugh challenge

As the name suggests, one person has to remain serious while the other person tries to make him/her laugh. This YouTube challenge can be played with two or more people. It's a fun, safe, and easy challenge to do with your friends for all kinds of YouTube channels.

Yoga challenge

One of the funniest two person challenges is trying out different yoga poses that call for two people. Those poses look so easy, yet some are difficult to get right. If you try this challenge, make sure you pay extra attention not to get yourself hurt.

7 Seconds challenge

There is an app for it this challenge you can download on your devices. The goal of this game is to do certain tasks like impersonating an angry hamster or licking your armpits in 7 seconds.

Pancake art challenge

This challenge is one of my personal favorites. The contestants are given something to draw, like SpongeBob, a strawberry, or a car, and they have to do their best to make a similar looking pancake. For this, you need two electric griddles, some squeeze bottles, and food coloring. It's a fun challenge to do with friends or with kids.

Dunk hat challenge

There are those hats with two targets on the sides and a water container above the head. When one of the targets gets hit, the water will drop on the head of who's wearing the hat. The contestants stand in front of each other and try to hit the opponent's targets with a ball. Even though you need those special hats, I suggest you give this game a try as it is one of the most hilarious challenges to watch.

Water bomb challenge

Another YouTube challenge video that calls for special props is this water bomb challenge. There is a plastic ball inside of which you place a water balloon. It has a mechanism which goes off at some point making the balloon to explode. You can choose from a variety of topics to play this game on. For example, you can play on countries. The person holding the water bomb has to name a country and after he/she does so, the bomb is thrown to the opponent who has to do the same thing. The goal is to avoid having the balloon pop up when you hold it.

Shock ball challenge

If you liked the water bomb challenge but don't want to make a mess with water, there's a ball which gives random electric shocks. The process is the same. You chose a topic and pass the ball around until the shock goes off. It's one of the best YouTube challenges to do with your friends as you can play it with more people. The shocks you are given are safe, so you can also play it with kids.

Lego challenge

What it may sound like a game for kids, can be a lot of fun for YouTubers of any age. Not to say, it is a safe challenge which does not involve getting things messy. All you need are a bunch of legos and at least a friend to do the challenge with. You'll be given something to build and you have two minutes to do your best.

Backward word challenge

One easy challenge for YouTube, yet challenging on your brain is the backward word challenge. As the name suggests, you're given words and you have to say backward. There are some apps that record when you say the word backward and plays the recording in reverse so you can see who pronounced it most accurate. It's a funny challenge to do at home with friends or kids.

Potato craving challenge

If you're feeling crafty, this challenge idea is for you. You need one potato for each contestant and some crafting supplies. Then, you start craving, drawing, or gluing stuff on the potato to make it resemble your opponent's face.

Pinhead balloon challenge

One of the funniest challenges to do involves a hat with a pin on the top and some balloons hanging from the ceiling. The balloons need to be placed at a higher height than your head. You have to jump so you can poke the balloons with the pin, and the goal is to break all the balloons as fast as possible. Whoever gets the best timing wins.

Q-tip dart challenge

This game is an adaptation of the darts game. But there are no darts involved, just q-tips, which makes for a safe YouTube challenge anybody can try. The target is drawn on T-shirts which are worn by the contestants. The goal is to collect the highest number of points from blowing the q-tips into the target through a straw.

Guess the YouTubers voice challenge

This fun challenge tests your knowledge of the YouTubers community. Someone plays segments of YouTube videos and the contestants have to guess whose voice it is. If you're a YouTuber in a specific niche, you can choose to play videos only from related channels.

Whats the scent challenge

If you want to test your abilities on guessing the foods or ingredients just by smelling them, then here you go. An easy and fun challenge you can do at home. Get someone prepare a couple of cups containing different scents, grab a friend to compete against, and get blindfolded. You have to be the first who guesses the scent to receive one point and who collects the most points in the end wins.

The whisper challenge

Timmy Fallon used to play this game with celebrities on his show and it's one of the most popular challenges to do at home. One person puts on noise-canceling headphones with loud music on while the other person picks up a card with a random phrase on it and reads it out loud. The one with the headphones on has to guess what the other player said. There are some hilarious outcomes out of this.

Speed drawing challenge

This is a really fun YouTube challenge that gives you the opportunity to showcase your drawing skills. This can be played by two or more people. You chose random items (you can ask your subscribers to come up with proposals) and you have 1 minute to come up with the best representation of the item. Who gets the most accurate drawing wins a point. It's best to have a third-party who can vote for the best drawing.

No thumbs challenge

For this challenge, the contestants have their thumbs taped and they have to do certain tasks, like tying a shoe. Whoever does the task more quickly wins. This is one of the easiest and funniest challenges you can do at home with a friend.

Touch my body challenge

If you're looking for challenges to do with your boyfriend or girlfriend, look no more. For this game, one person is blindfolded and the other person has to guide his/her finger to a part of the body. The goal is to guess what part of the body you touched. As you may guess, the higher number of correct answers wins. This is one of the most popular challenges for couples because, well, it's about touching each other's bodies.

Disney songs challenge

For this challenge, someone has to prepare pieces of paper with Disney movies on them. You draw a piece of paper from the stack and your opponent has to sing a song from that movie. This challenge can be done with two people or can be played in pairs. If you enjoy Disney movies, this YouTube challenge is a great idea to try. Not to mention how exciting it can be for kids.

Guess the song challenge

Someone has to play a song for a couple of seconds (15-20) and the participants have to guess what song it is. Usually, who knows the answer has to press the buzzer. He wins a point if the answer is right. If the answer is wrong, the other contestant gets the right to guess the song.

Guess the video game soundtrack challenge

To add something especially for gamers in this list with challenges for YouTube, there's the guess the video game challenge. The guys from OpTic Gaming have more kinds of challenges related to the gaming world like guess the character, the video game gun sound, or the video game sound effect. That's the proof that any niche can find exciting and funny challenges ideas related to their field.

Say anything

This sounds so easy to do, yet it can be difficult when there's pressure on you. Each person has to say a random word without repeating the words that have been said before. And, you don't have more than two seconds to come up with a word.

Hungry Hippo challenge

If you're looking for one of the funniest challenges to do on YouTube with your friends, this is one of the bests. You drop a bunch of jelly beans on the table and you have to collect with your mouth (no hands allowed) as many jelly beans as possible. There are more variations: you can drop the beans in a cup while you collect or you have to keep all the beans in your mouth. Also, for it to be more difficult, pick one color for each person to gather.

Speech jammer challenge

There's this app called speech jammer which plays your voice in the headphones while you talk so it makes it harder for you to keep speaking. You can try this challenge with songs lyrics. It'll turn out to be a fun YouTube video that will give your subscribers a great laugh.

Roast yourself challenge

This challenge was started by Ryan who challenged other YouTubers like Jenna Marbles to do it themselves. This is one of the solo challenges for YouTube you can do by yourself. Gather your best punches and get ready to make the best roast for yourself.

Bottle flip challenge

If you feel like testing some skills, you can try doing the bottle flip challenge. There are more variations to it and you can choose bottles of different dimensions. But the basic guideline is the same: all the contestants have to flip the bottle at the same time and who make their land on the table, wins. To make things more interesting, you can keep the bottles full and with the caps off and also judge the scores based on who has most water left in the bottle. For some expert level reference, I'll leave this example here:

100 layers challenge

This is one of the most popular YouTube challenges you can do, and it has many variations. The goal is to put on 100 layers of something of your choosing. It can be 100 layers of shirts, nail polish, lipstick, beanies, hairspray, or even 100 layers of glue on your face (which I do not recommend).

Whats in the box challenge

For this, someone has to pick up a couple of objects so the contestants don't know what to expect. The participants have a box in front of them where the objects will be placed. Each contestant has to feel what's inside the box and guess what it is. Usually, the most entertaining what's in the box challenges are done with live animals.

Boyfriend make up

If you want a challenge to do with your boyfriend, you can risk letting him do your make up. The more inexperienced he is, the better the result.

The floor is lava

You probably played this as a kid. Whenever someone shouts “the floor is lava” everybody has to find something to climb on and get out of the floor. This game can be played at home or, if you're more daring, on the street or in supermarkets.

Cotton ball challenge

This is a fun and easy challenge to do at home with a friend. You need a bowl filled with cotton balls, one empty bowl, and a spoon. One person is blindfolded and keeps the empty bowl over their head. The goal is to use the spoon and collect cotton balls from the filled bowl and put them in the empty one. Both contestants will take turns into collecting balls and whoever gets the most balls wins.

Obey the cards

There's a game named Quelfswhere where you get a set of cards with certain challenges you need to perform. This is one of the best YouTube challenges if you want something safe, yet extremely funny.

Exploding watermelon challenge

How do you feel about blowing out a watermelon? It sounds fun, I know. All you need is a watermelon, a bunch of rubber bands (might need lots of them), and a place outside so you don't create a complete mess in your house. Start placing the rubber bands on the watermelon until it explodes in your face. You can do this by yourself, but for extra fun, it's better to do this challenge with a friend.

Duct tape challenge

If you want to test your abilities to escape in case you get kidnaped, now's your chance. For this challenge, one person has to immobilize the other person using tape. The bounded contestant has to escape the tape. These challenges are fun to watch, and it's also funny to see what strategy the participants choose to adopt.

 BONUS: The best YouTube challenge

The best challenges you can do for your YouTube channel are the challenges that your subscribers recommend. Once your followers see you uploading your first challenge, they will come up with other challenge ideas they want to see from you. Those are the best because you have the guarantee that your followers will enjoy those videos, and will also be an appreciative gesture to consider your audience's ideas.

Have you found the perfect YouTube challenge for your channel?

I hope that this list gave you plenty challenges ideas to try for your upcoming videos.

Keep in mind that you can always get creative and adapt any of these challenges to fit the niche you're in.

Also, don't be afraid to come up with new ideas. Just keep them safe and funny.

Challenges are a great way to grow your channel and to bring in some awesome collabs with other YouTubers.

If you found this list helpful, make sure you bookmark it for future reference.

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