140+ Awesome Youtube Video Ideas to Make in 2019

Are you looking for new YouTube video ideas to make on your channel? Our list will give you plenty of choices to keep you busy for a while.

Even if you're an experienced YouTuber who ran out of video ideas or you're just getting started on YouTube and don't know what to do for your first YouTube video, you're in the right place.

In the following list you'll find YouTube video ideas suited for various types of channels.

I separated all the ideas into sections so you can jump right to the types of videos you're interested in. Still, I suggest you take a look at the whole list. You may find ideas that are more popular for certain niches but they may inspire you to adapt them to your own videos in a unique way.

1. First YouTube video ideas

I know how hard it is to get started because you're over obsessing over your first YouTube video idea. That's why I made a category with YouTube video ideas for beginners you can start with. Keep in mind that there's no perfect first video. Just pick up an idea that seems interesting to you and start recording. The most important thing is to get started.

Make a welcome video

What's your YouTube channel going to be about? Share it with your possible viewers. This will also help you out to set on a certain niche.

Introducing yourself

It's your first video. Why not let people learn a bit about you. Who are you? Why are you on YouTube? This is an easy YouTube video idea you can start your channel with.

Channel Intro

On your channel, you have the option of setting a channel intro that shows to viewers that are not subscribed yet. And it's a best practice to have one. You can start your journey by making a fun intro.


If you're thinking about promoting your YouTube channel with ads, you can shot a video advertisement. You don't have to pay a lot for ads. Bid an amount of money you can afford investing in the beginning to drive a bit of traction to your channel.


Even though I don't advise you to focus solely on vlogs, they are popular and perfect for new YouTubers to get used to video making. You can start with vlogs and mix thing up in the future.

Talk about something you know

If you're wondering what to make YouTube videos about, think about the topics you enjoy and have knowledge about.

Share your opinions

You certainly have strong opinions about different topics. Share them.

How-to video

Do you often get asked by friends how do you do a certain thing? Explain it in a video.

Tips & Tricks

Giving tips on something you know about is one of the best first YouTube video ideas. You already have the information and the video is easy to make.

Some DIY

If you're a crafty human being, this one's perfect for you. DIYs are fun, easy, and creative YouTube video ideas. Not to mention, the possibilities are infinite.

Make a friend video

If you're too nervous to be in front of the camera for your first YouTube video, having a friend by your side will ease the struggle. Here is an example of a funny video Jenna Marbles did with a friend.

2. Fashion & beauty YouTube video ideas

Fashion & beauty are some of the hottest topics on YouTube right now (and will probably be for a long time). I've put them together because, well, they go hand in hand. If you own a YouTube beauty channel, here's a list of the best beauty guru video ideas.

Haul video

You know those videos where people share what they bought? These easy YouTube video ideas are highly popular in the fashion niche. Next time you get home from a shopping spree, take some time to record a video.

Get ready with me

This is one of the most popular YouTube video ideas for the beauty niche. Record yourself while getting ready for work/school and share it with your audience.

Favorite products

There are tons of beauty products out there, and there's always an interest in their reviews. People prefer to see product reviews from real people rather than just reading the product's description. Reviews are also good YouTube video ideas if you want to make money from affiliates links.

Favorite clothing items

You sure have some clothing items you won't give away with the price of your life. Let your followers know what items are the most precious to you.

Your basics

Everybody has some basic clothing items like a white and a black top to go with any shirt, a pair of black pants, a white shirt adaptable for business environments. Show yours.

Talk about your style

What makes you dress the way you do? What inspires you? If you're confident in your style and there's a purpose behind it, your followers will appreciate giving them more insights. Here's an example where Emily Lee talks about her style journey in time. Her followers are really excited to hear more about her style.

Style advice

If you have a great eye for fashion, you can educate people about the best practices. You can either talk about what's hot right now, which will bring a seasonal interest. Or you can focus on general style guidelines for some evergreen content.

Talk about choosing colors, patterns, and shapes

This applies both to fashion and beauty. You can either speak about how to chose the colors and shapes for your clothes based on your body type, or you can go over the rules of makeup for different kinds of face shapes.

History of fashion

If you're interested in how fashion developed over time, get more into the subject and share it with your viewers. This is a creative YouTube video idea for a beauty channel and can be transformed into a series of short educational videos.

History of make-up

Same as with fashion, you can educate your followers about the progress of make-up or beauty products. When and how did people start waxing? How the trend for eyebrows shapes changed over time? There're lots of interesting topics you can talk about.

DIY clothes

If you like to cut, paint, and make adjustments to your clothes, this is one of the best YouTube video ideas for fashion. Teach your followers how to save old clothes instead of throwing them all out.

Styles for different occasions

How to dress for a wedding? How about when going out in a pub? Give ideas to your followers. You can make a series out of it. Bonus points if your unique style is sensed in the ideas.

Show your closet

When people follow YouTube fashion channels, they're dead curious to see what's hiding in the creator's closet. Your viewers will be happy to learn more about you.

Show your beauty products

What makeup products you use? How about body care? How do you keep them organized? If your viewers admire your beauty skills, they'll want to know how you keep up with it.


The morning and evening routine you follow to take care of your face. Habits you have to keep your body healthy. How you take care of your hair. Talk about your everyday habits.

Online bought clothes

You probably know that if you're not careful enough when buying something on Aliexpress, you can wake up with a garbage bag dress instead of a wedding one. One of the most popular YouTube videos ideas is randomly purchasing cheap items on Aliexpress/Amazon and trying them out. It can turn out to be pretty funny.

Try other's tutorials

Take tutorials from make-up artists and try them for yourself (with the mentioning you're trying out her/his tutorial). If you pick harder make-up tutorials, your video will turn out funny.

Try out popular hacks

The internet is full of clickbait articles and videos with easy beauty hacks. Try the craziest hacks you find and get it on tape. They will most likely be fails, which makes for some funny YouTube video ideas.

Minutes make-up tutorials

For girls that are in a hurry and don't like spending much time in the morning to get ready, these easy YouTube video ideas can be a lifesaver.

Dressing up tips

Scarves used as skirts. How to transform your shirt into a dress. Know some great tips and improvisations? Share them.

How to pack when traveling

Some of us have a hard time fitting all our clothes and products in a single suitcase when traveling. If you're good at organizing, share your tips with us.

Organizing tips

How to keep the products organized in your purse. Organizational systems for your closet. How to fit your clothes in a small space. These are helpful tips for chaotic people.

3. Tech YouTube video ideas

With all the innovation taking place these days, there's no wonder why tech YouTube channels are highly popular. From real tech enthusiasts to amateurs keeping up with how the world evolves, people want to know where technology is headed. If you're one of the tech addicts, you'll find video ideas for your YouTube channel below.

Review products

Device's reviews are a hot topic. Especially if the devices are new on the market and exclusive. You can start by reviewing your laptop, PC, or phone.

Show your computer

Tech enthusiasts are interested in finding out other's gear specs. Show yours. This is the easiest first YouTube video idea for tech niched channels.

Talk about specs

What are the best specs for gaming? How about photo editing? Show your knowledge on the subject and teach others how to chose their computers based on their needs.

Performance overview

Test your computer's performance in different applications and games. This is how others compare their own computer's performance to computers with other specifications.

Favorite gadgets

Did you buy a piece of gear that changed your life? Talk about it in a YouTube video.

Tech news

In the tech world, there's always innovation taking place. Be up to date with the news and share your thoughts.

Latest hardware/ processors/ graphics

Tech people are always interested in knowing what are the latest releases. Especially if they are gamers and you talk about graphics cards.

Computer components

The mouse you bought is the best thing that ever happened to you? Or you bought an overly praised keyboard that is a total disappointment? Spread the word about it.

Haul video

You can see this more often in the fashion and beauty world, but it doesn't have to be limited to it. Went shopping for some hot tech pieces? Why not show your tech lovers what you're up to?

Latest Beta Operating Systems

Before a new OS version is released, a beta version is published. If you have access to the beta version, you can make a video about it before its great lunch. This types of YouTube videos are popular with Android releases.

Speculate the future

There are so many rumors about future technology and everybody has his speculation about what's next. Talk about your hunches (make sure they're based on reasoning).

Teach newbies

There are lots of people who don't know much about computers, yet they would like to learn more. Find an engaging way to make beginner friendly videos about tech concepts. If you come up with creative YouTube videos ideas to educate people, tech amateurs will come to you.

Answer questions

For sure people have a lot of questions to ask about technology. And you can find intriguing questions that attract lots of curiosity. Do your best to answer them.

Computer tips & tricks

They can be as basic as MAC/Windows keyboard shortcuts, or you can dive deeper and talk about apps that maximize your productivity when working on a desktop.

Programs and Apps

Do I need to say how much people enjoy learning about new apps that make their life easier? Or about programs that are fun to use?

How-tos installations

For non-tech people, installing Windows or a trickier program is hard work. You can help a lot of people with these kinds of YouTube video ideas and, the best part, you don't need a camera to do it.

Computer assassination

People like watching these kinds of YouTube videos. You basically fill your computer with viruses and destroy it. Or you physically punch it to death. You can make a funny and highly engaging video out of it if you have an old computer to spare.

4. Gaming channels video ideas

Raw footage

Sharing raw footage of your gameplay is not as engaging as an edited footage, but there are people looking to watch it. And it is easy to do, requiring no work on your part. Just play, record, and share it.

Game reviews

People are looking for reviews before buying something, and this is also true with games. Teach viewers about the features, pros, and cons of a game.

In-depth reviews

Opposed to typical reviews which target people who didn't buy the game yet, in-depth reviews are aiming to present a game as detailed as possible for those who are playing.

Games comparison

One way to compare games is to take two different version of the same game. Another way is to compare two games that are built on the same idea but by different creators. Take as an example the Lord of the Rings themed games, which one's better an why?


Teach people how to play certain games and how to deal with different challenges. you already know how to play various games, so this is one of the easiest YouTube video ideas to try out.

The story of the game

People are looking to learn things about a game before starting playing it. You can do cutscenes and show the story. If you're looking for the best engagement, stay tuned with new releases and jump on doing the video as fast as you can.

Tutorials of advanced skills

You can make great use of those techniques you mastered. Train regular players more advanced tricks.


It refers to the playthrough of the game done as fast as possible. This means jumping through levels to get to the last level quickly.

Gaming Trivia

There are lots of interesting facts you can find about the most popular games out there. The word Tetris is a combination of which two words?

Funny moments

You sure encounter funny incidents when playing. Cut out recordings with hilarious moments and add some funny commenting on them. These are fun YouTube video ideas to mix things up.

Customization tutorials

For games that support adding custom items, you can teach others how to use it and do it for themselves.

Teach about graphics

For gamers, graphics are highly important. Teach your viewers how to pick the best graphics for their setup.

Teach about emulators

This is a hot topic in the games niche as you need an emulator to play games for consoles. Teach your viewers about different emulators based on their features.

Gaming Setups

Gamers are always looking to improve their setups. From the specs of their PC to the keyboard and the chair they use.

Gameplay reaction videos

You're already familiar with PewDiePie. He's the one who made gameplay reactions so popular. The competition is stiff as many have followed PewDiePie's road, but if you find an authentic voice to it, you can give it a try.

Highlight your skills

Monster kill? Wicked sick? Cut those fragments, add some music, even some cool commentaries and make a video out of it. You can mix things up in a creative way.

Gaming news

Talk about what's new in the games niche. When are there future releases? What's happening next?

Find funny game ideas

There are lots of crazy game ideas that weren't put into practice. Dig, find them, and share them with the world.

Game glitches

Encountered glitches when playing and recorded them? They can make for a funny YouTube video idea you can put together.

5. Educational YouTube video ideas

Career videos

Talk about how you came to have your career. Give pieces of advice and teach others skills related to your career.


As with the career, teach others skills related to a hobby you have. Do you love riding the bicycle? Talk about your experiences, your favorite bike parts, how to find awesome roads for riding.

The history of your career / hobby

You can talk about the history of your career/hobby. Or maybe you're passionate about the history of a different topic. Take as an example art history. Are you into it? If so, why not share with others what you learn?


If you're passionate about science, you can talk about different scientific concepts like how an electric car works? Or what are the latest discoveries? Numerous good video ideas can come up when you target science.


Do you have math skills? If so, there are lots of people out there whom you could help with your teaching. With math tutorials, you can especially target high-school students.


There are lots of non-native English speakers looking to improve their skills. If you can give great tips and educate people about the proper use of grammar, this great YouTube video idea is for you.

Trivia questions

There are so many facts you can find and talk about them more in-depth. They can be funny, scary, or mind-blowing. There are lots of awesome YouTube video ideas you can come up with from Trivia questions.

Book reviews

If you read a lot, this is your chance to talk about your passion with other book lovers. Sailor J took a step further and combined book reviews with being drunk. Needless to say, her videos are funny.


You can start by talking about well-known authors in the beginning and make your way to introduce more unknown writers you love after you managed to grow a decent following.

Social behavior

How culture influences our career choices? What makes people act a certain way in social environments? Find interesting questions and answer them.

Life principles

Everybody lives his life guided by his own principles. Talk about what's driving you.

Daily life skills

You can teach people how to do certain things around the house they may need someday. Or useful skills like how to change the oil in the car, how to clean the heater, how to fix a broken cable.

How to use tools

You'd be surprised at how many people have no idea how to use basic around the house tools. Make how-to videos and help someone out the next time he doesn't know how to properly hold the drill.

Funny skills

Can you make raindrop like sounds with your mouth? Teach others how to do it too (Maybe I can finally learn how to do it). There are lots of creative YouTube ideas you can brainstorm.

Program skills

Do you use Photoshop or Fruity Loops? If you have a program you're proficient with, record your screen and share it. You only need a screencast app to do the job.

Around the house tips & tricks

How can you use lemon juice around the house? Do you have tricks for cleaning out wine stains? These are some popular examples, but maybe you have more overlooked tips. People are always eager to learn about tricks that make their life easier.

DIY furniture

If you like building things around the house, build them on camera. You can either make projects from zero or show reconditioning techniques for older furniture.

DIY repurposed stuff

There are numerous awesome things you can make from repurposed items. Furniture from pallets, armchairs from tires, a clock from silverware. If you're creative and enjoy making things, this creative YouTube video ideas can make you stand out from the crowd.

DIY gifts

Making your own gifts is usually cheaper if you're on a budget and DIYs are also more personal gifts to give. If you have craft skills, these DIY YouTube video ideas can be a hit.

Science projects

Do you like to play around with different substances and make amazing projects? Why not do some science-based series on your YouTube channel? You can make projects that adults can try and have fun, or you can target kids and make educational videos for them.

Bust out myths

You're probably aware of Mythbusters, aren't you? And you probably know how fun and captivating that show is. If you like adrenaline and you're up for things blowing up in front of you, this kind of videos can be a great fit.

Educate about the environment

Climate change is a problem we're all dealing with even if we like to think about it or not. If you are interested in the topic, you can educate people on how they can minimize their waste in their day to day life.

Latest news

Not the usual breaking news kind of thing. Rather, find news you can discuss in an interesting manner, maybe by referring scientific aspects. The downside is that this kind of content will mostly not be evergreen.

Movies reviews

You can talk about your favorite movies. How they were made, the story, what you learned from them.

TV series reviews

If you are a fan of TV series, you can start making review videos about them, along with your personal opinion.

Music reviews

Same as with movies and TV series, take your favorite songs or albums and review them in your videos.

Artist's biography

You can make a biographical video of a musician, actor, painter. Talk about their work and evolution in time.

Organizational skills

Have you managed to keep your life organized between work, family, and personal life? Teaching others how to do it is a great idea for YouTube video as many people struggle with keeping up with time management in nowadays busy life.

Business growth

Do you run your own business from home? People will appreciate videos that teach them how to start a home business. You can give lots of advice as the required mindset, physical investments, or scheduling tasks.

How to save money

If you're good at savings or investing, I'm certain that people would be pleased to receive good pieces of advice from you. Everybody is looking for ways to save money. And in this today's society where you're bombarded with things to buy, saving money it's a real struggle.

Personal advice

You've surely passed through different experiences in life, made mistakes, and learned how to deal with them. You can share your experience and help others out. How to deal with a breakup. How to get over career burn out. If you went through something, share your experience.

Psychological traits

If you are familiar with certain psychological issues like depression, anxiety, panic attacks from your own experience or from your close ones, you can share valuable information with people. Either talk about how to deal with problems if you have them, or teach others how to care for people struggling with said problems.

Animals advice

Do you have a cat, dog, or a tarantula? Talk about how to properly take care of them. For cats and dogs, there are numerous tips & tricks to give. If you have knowledge about more animals that are not so “mainstream”, this is a great content idea for YouTube videos.

Ask your followers to come up with YouTube video ideas

If you're running out of ideas, why not ask your viewers what they would like to see from you? After all, they are the ones you're making videos for.

6. Funny YouTube video ideas

One of the main reasons people are spending time on YouTube is to have fun and laugh. To focus on funny videos, you need to be creative. The craziest the idea, the better. Here are the best funny YouTube video ideas you can try out on your YouTube channel.


Remember how viral the ice bucket challenge was? Or the cinnamon challenge? There's always a new trend. Or you can even come up with an intriguing challenge and get people to jump on board. YouTube challenges keep up their popularity.


Parodies are often made for music videos. If the song is highly popular, you can get some sweet traffic to your video. But you can think more creatively and choose other kinds of videos to make fun of. Make sure you're not offending people in your video (and be prepared for negative comments).

Comedy skits

One of the main reasons people are spending so much time on YouTube is because they are watching funny videos. With a bit of creativity and lots of fun, it's not hard for your videos to become popular.

Prank videos

Film yourself pranking your roommate or coworker. People love to have a laugh break.

Fails videos

To come up with great fails videos you will need a lot of footage. If you use to make lots of pranks than you sure know that some of them will end up being fails. If you manage to get those fails on camera, you'll have your content ready to put together a funny video.

Friend videos

Are you up for some fun this weekend with your friends? Get it on camera. Friend videos are highly engaging because they make viewers feel part of a community. The craziest your experience is, the better.


It's impossible not to have bloopers when you film your videos. When you're done making more videos, you'll have enough bloopers to make a YouTube video dedicated to them. This is an easy YouTube video idea as you'll be repurposing footage you already have.

7. Creative YouTube video ideas

Growing a successful YouTube channel calls for creativity and authenticity. That's why creative YouTube video ideas should not be left out from your list of video content. If you don't know what to make your YouTube videos about, how about something creative and different from your usual content?

Opinion video

Did another YouTuber express his opinion and you disagree or see things from another perspective? Make a video about your take on the subject.

Opinions on different topics

Controversial draws attention. Global warming, conspirational theories, political issues. Popular hot topics attract viewers.


Vlogs are in vogue right now. You'll have to give more than just vlogs if you want to grow your YouTube channel successfully, but vlogging is a great start to give your audience engaging videos.

Review products

Product reviews are always in demand because people want to see a real human interacting with a product before they make a buying decision. You can start by reviewing items you already have around the house.

Review pieces of software

As with products, software reviews are easy YouTube video ideas. And they are easier to make than products reviews as you can share your screen without having to use a camera.

Review games

If you like to play a lot, you can take advantage of it and make reviews of the games you're interested in.


You sure have your favorite music, movies, TV shows. Show your favorites with your viewers and let them get to know you better.

Video series

This is an amazing idea to keep your audience hooked up. You can make something like a TV show, or choose a certain topic to talk about in-depth and spread it into episodes. Start up with a pilot video.


Do you collect postal stamps, coins, or lighters? People enjoy watching collections of things that interest them. I love sneakers and, when I watch someone sharing their collection of sneakers, my heart melts a bit. If your collection is relevant to your niche, go ahead and share it.

Room tour

There's a high number of requests for room tours from viewers. Your audience will get to know you better when seeing your room. You can take a step forward and make something funny out of it rather than just showing around.

City tour

Every town/city/village, basically every human settlement has its fascinating places and stories. Capture the core of a city and show it on camera. You can start by giving a tour of your hometown or the place you live in right now.

Personal items

Do you have items close to your heart? Maybe valuable gifts you received from special people in your life? Memory items from deceased family members? Show those items and the story behind them with your audience to create a more personal bonding.

Share a recipe

Cooking recipes are always searched for. Although the cooking niche is oversaturated, if you come up with a unique dish, like a secret family recipe, you can stand out from the crowd.

Talk about travel places

Your viewers will enjoy being taken on a journey. If you travel, it's time to get your camera out and record your experience.

Urban activities

If you live in a city, there must be awesome stuff to do and see out there. Maybe there are amazing street performers you can show off, or some interesting activities taking place in your city.


Ask random people on the street about their life story. Some have such amazing stories to tell that can be highly inspirational for your viewers.

8. Video ideas to strengthen the relationship with your audience

What you learned in life

Talk about things you learned in life about school, relationships, or any other aspect of your life.

Share your favorites

Your favorite music, movies, or books. Let your audience know you better by showing your all-time favorites in different areas.

Bucket list

We all have a list of things we want to do in our life. Share your bucket list with your viewers. This is a beneficial YouTube video idea for you too because you'll be more inclined to do those things if you tell the world about it.

Share your goals

What is your plan for this year? Let your viewers know your goals and you'll also feel accounted to reach them.

Share what you're grateful for

Share a list of 5, 10 things you're happy about in your life. This is a fun YouTube video idea to get closer to your audience.

Share your not so happy experiences

People often feel like they are alone when something bad happens to them. Sharing with your audience hard times you encountered, will give them someone they can relate to and will cheer them up.


Do you have stories that your friends enjoy listening? Get them on camera.

Unboxing products

Order something online and film yourself unboxing the item. You then share your thoughts about the product. People love these good YouTube video ideas, and you can also use affiliate links for the products for a chance to make money on YouTube.


Teaching people how to do different things is still an awesome idea for YouTube videos. Find things that don't have a huge competition and start teaching.


I already put them on the list in the funny videos section, but I wanted to highlight that prank videos are highly popular.


Are you the one making your friends laugh every time you go out? If you always have great jokes running in your head, use them to make funny YouTube videos. For example, do you know those dad jokes videos? That format became popular in other countries too.

Quick fixes

Do you often find yourself improvising how to fix different stuff around the house? Show others your tricks. People are always looking for easy ways to deal with problems.

Interesting facts

Did you know that Alderaan shouldn't have been blown up, but George Lucas had to do it to stay on budget? Or that you can be a pet food taster?

Motivational videos

Either do your own script following a motivational speech if you have speaker skills. Or find footage from other speakers or from movies and put together a video with the best scenes you find.

Jumping on the trend

If you use Google Trends to research the most popular topics, you can make videos around those subjects. Artists, politics, news. You name it. These kinds of videos will bring you sweet traffic to your channel. Just keep in mind that trends pass and this won't be evergreen content.

Health videos

Although the health & fitness niche is competitive, there are also lots of people looking for ways to keep up with a healthy lifestyle. If you have tricks for people who spend their entire day in front of a computer screen, don't draw back from sharing them.

Natural solutions

There are lots of remedies for all kinds of diseases out there and people are looking to find answers. Make videos on how to make homemade cures and how to use more natural alternatives.

Study with me

You get to your desk, hit record, and start studying. You don't have to do anything else. These kinds of YouTube videos increased in popularity and are of big help for students. They feel more motivated to work or study when they have someone else they can see doing the same.

Sports-related videos

The demand for sports video content on YouTube is increasing each year. In fact, the FIFA World Cup 2018 made the searches for football-related videos blow up. In the below graphic from Filmora, you can see how football-related searches increased over the years.

See the full infographic from Filmora here.

And although football has its popularity, it isn't the only sport YouTube users are looking for. The graphic below shows which are the biggest opportunities for sports content.

Image source: Filmora


I hope this list gave you enough great YouTube video ideas to keep you busy for a while.

When you chose what kind of videos to make for your channel, first ask yourself if they fit what your audience wants to see from you. Don't just pick something because it's popular if it doesn't fit the purpose of your channel because you want to grow a sustainable YouTube channel with a devoted following.

If you're worried about your first YouTube video and keep waiting for the perfect idea to pop up, just relax. Pick something and do it. There's no perfect first video. The essential thing is to get started. It's hard to go viral with your videos until you also learn how to rank them high on YouTube for better exposure, even if the videos have a perfect quality.

If you feel nervous about being in front of a camera, get a friend to do the first video with you so you feel more comfortable.

Most importantly, have fun. Stay creative. Use this list to inspire you with new ideas and don't be afraid to mix up more ideas to come up with something authentic.

Bookmark this list to have it handy the next time you're out of ideas.

What other YouTube video ideas would you add to the list? Find us on Facebook or Twitter and hit us with your ideas.

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