How to Download Torrents Anonymously with No Hassle

How to download torrents anonymously - Best way to torrent anonymously

Do you want to download torrents anonymously? Here's how to safely do it with no hassle.

Do you want to download torrents anonymously? Here's how to safely do it with no hassle.

Internet users are increasing their interest in online privacy. And this also holds true for BitTorrent users.

When downloading torrents, your online activity can be monitored both by your ISP and copyright holders. Because of this, it's important to protect your online privacy so you can securely download torrents.

In this post, we'll go over the perks of downloading torrents, the risks, and how to hide your online identity so you can download torrents anonymously.

Why download torrents?

Downloading torrents kinda has an overall bad reputation because it is seen as an illegal act. In reality, this is not completely true. The act of downloading torrents is not illegal.

And, in fact, torrenting is a very efficient way of exchanging files between multiple users.

How downloading torrents works?

The torrenting technology works on a P2P (peer to peer) connection. To easily translate this, it means that the computers in the torrenting networks are the ones powering up the file transfer. The files waiting to be downloaded are not stored on a dedicated server, such as the files you download directly from a website, but they are stored in the computers of the ones that download the torrents.

When downloading a torrent, you will see a number of seeders. This refers to how many people downloaded the torrent and kept the files in their computer for upload. When the torrent is downloading to your computer, the files contained are not downloaded as a whole but they are broken into small bits of information that are collected to your computer from all the seeders. The more uploaders there are for a torrent, the faster the download. Also, because the content is downloaded in individual pieces, it will also start to upload while it's still downloading.

Is downloading torrents illegal?

The act of downloading torrents is not illegal itself as long as the content you download is not copyrighted. A great example here are open source applications. Anyone has the permission to download open source files, be it through direct download from websites or through torrenting.

But downloading files that are copyrighted, such as games, music or movies, is, indeed, illegal.

There are also situations when the content falls into a gray area as the copyrighting laws are not always clear enough.

What happens if you're caught downloading illegal torrents?

You might be asking yourself what are the risks of getting caught downloading illegal torrents. Well, there's no general answer to this question.

It all depends on the rules and legislation in each country.

While in the US the act of downloading illegal torrents is persecuted more roughly, in other countries, such as Romania, the government still hasn't started to take action against illegal torrenting downloads.

For example, without being anonymous when downloading a torrent, you can become a target for copyright trolls that act on behalf of music labels and such, and that are able to throw a lawsuit on you even when downloading non copyrighted material. Over 3000 lawsuits were thrown at BitTorrents users in 2018.

Why download torrents anonymously even if the content is not illegal?

Don't become a criminal by mistake

The most important reason to hide your identity when downloading torrents is that you never know exactly what you're getting. You may have the intention of downloading a harmless file, but you can find out that the torrent also contained files that are copyrighted, thus illegal. This way, you can find yourself becoming a criminal without intending to.

By making yourself anonymous when downloading torrents, you'll make sure no one can trace the download back to you so you won't get into any unwanted troubles.

Avoid having your connection throttled

Some ISPs (Internet Service Providers) frown upon the act of downloading torrents because you're using more bandwidth than they would like to provide. So they limit your use of data, ISPs will slow down your connection, a practice known as throttling. This practice is more common in the US.

To make sure your internet connection won't be slowed down, it is best to hide your downloading torrents activity from your ISP.

Strengthen your security

Over the last years, in the US, many of the most popular torrenting sites have been closed down. This exposes torrents users to security vulnerabilities.

On those popular torrenting sites, users' security was enhanced, the torrents' uploaders were verified, and there were low chances of stumbling across malicious content. But on newer torrenting sites that keep on appearing, you'll come across lots of content from unverified sources. Meaning the torrents you're downloading can contain malware and, once you open up the files, a hacker can get access to your computer and personal files.

Also, do not forget about the multitude of pop-ups on torrenting sites. Those are an efficient way for hackers to get access to your data and steal or identity or money.

As you can see, downloading torrents has multiple risks, even if you're downloading torrents with non-copyrighted content. So let's go over how you can download torrents anonymously without worrying you'll get into trouble.

How to download torrents anonymously

There are a couple of ways in which you can download torrents anonymously, and I'll start with the most efficient one - using a VPN for torrenting.

VPN - Using a VPN for torrenting is the most popular method to download torrent anonymously because it is the most efficient. The VPN service hides your IP address, encrypts the whole internet connection - making you anonymous online. No one, including your ISP, will be able to see you're downloading torrents

TorrentPrivacy - TorrentPrivacy is a software that creates a secure tunnel that allows you to download torrents anonymously. You can directly use their torrent client or you can lunch it with other software such as uTorrent or BitTorrent.

I2P - I2P (also known as The Invisible Internet Project) is a network that provides anonymity using similar principles to Tor. Snark is the implementation of BitTorrent over the I2P network which allows downloading torrents anonymously. Although this method is free, you must get your hands dirty to set up the connection.

Seedboxes - A seedbox is basically a high-speed server used for torrenting transfers. When using a seedbox for torrenting, the files are stored on a remote server, and no one can see you're downloading. This method is the most costly. It may be the right choice for you only if you're an avid downloader, you want a higher downloading speed, and you want to keep your upload ratio at the top.

Best way to download torrents anonymously - Using a VPN

If you're looking for an easy and safe way to download torrents anonymously, a VPN service is your best bet.

A VPN creates a secure tunnel between your computer and the internet. What does this mean?

For one, it means your real IP address is not visible to anyone. All the websites you visit and all your online activity will show as coming from the IP address of the VPN's server you're connecting through.

Secondly, the whole internet traffic is encrypted. Even if someone manages to get hold of the files you exchange over the internet, they won't be able to read the content as the data is encrypted.

Won't the ISPs know you're using a VPN?

They will know, but this doesn't mean your privacy is not protected. The ISP is able to only see the connection between your computer and the VPN server. What happens behind the VPN server (you downloading torrents, accessing websites) is completely hidden to the ISP and other potentially snooping eyes.

A VPN makes you anonymous online and gives you the opportunity to download torrents anonymously without worrying about your identity being compromised.

Other VPN advantages

A VPN is the best choice for downloading torrents because, besides creating a secure tunnel where you can safely download torrents, it will also give you other advantages when surfing online.

  • Bypass firewall restrictions - You may find that downloading torrents in some places (offices, schools, campuses) is blocked by some firewall rules set up by the network administrator. A VPN will allow you to bypass those filters and freely download torrents in your dorm room.
  • With a VPN, you can unblock your favorite online content (i.e. geo-restricted content)
  • A VPN gives you access to websites and platforms that are blocked in specific countries (i.e. popular social media platforms that are blocked in China)
  • With a VPN, you can securely connect to public WiFi networks
  • A VPN service is cheap and affordable for individuals

How to pick the best VPN for torrenting

When you look for a VPN provider to download torrents anonymously, it's important that you first review a couple of aspects.

  • They keep no logs - Choosing a VPN provider that keeps no logs is important. Providers are legally obligated to hand out their logs if the government asks them to. If they keep no logs, there's no information to show.
  • They have servers in multiple countries - When you connect to the VPN, you can choose the location of the server you'll use. The more locations, the better. The location of the server in relation to the location of the torrent seeders affects the downloading speed. If you have more options, you'll be able to improve the downloading speed.
  • The VPN client has a kill switch - The kill switch feature is important, especially for torrenting. If it happens for the VPN connection to drop, even for a couple of seconds, your internet privacy will be compromised if BitTorrent will use your regular connection while the VPN is down. The kill switch will automatically stop any applications from using your regular connection, protecting your privacy at any times.
  • It is not free - Same as with all free things, free VPN for torrenting is not ideal as it comes with limitations. The downloading speed is from low to extremely low, and you have no idea what the providers will do with your personal data. It's best to invest in a reliable VPN service if you care about your online privacy, especially because these services have affordable prices.

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