19 Top Bloggers You Should Follow

19 Top Bloggers You Should Follow

Inspiration comes from things all around us. You just have to look and pay attention. There are a bunch of things that you can write about in your blo

Inspiration comes from things all around us. You just have to look and pay attention. There are a bunch of things that you can write about in your blog. But what if you're just trying to read other blogs that can help you improve your writing skills. Or if you're just trying to find your muse (in terms of writing and living).

I asked somebody about what would they do if they wanted to start a blog? They said that they would search for the top bloggers. They explained that they wanted to see what and how are they writing (about), how are they living their life.

Now, of course, they had in mind that they would follow only actual persons that had a blog. I realized that this isn't actually accurate, because it depends on the topic you're interested in.

So if they were to search for “top bloggers you should follow” they would have to specify the topic (technology, fitness, travel, fashion etc.); depending on the topic, they would find either a one person blog (or brand), or basically a company/a website that has a lot of writers.

In the next part of the article, you'll find a list of top bloggers you should follow, but keep in mind that there will be both people and companies. The entire list is broken down into topics, in order for you to easily find what you're looking for.

Keep in mind that there are much more bloggers that you should follow; this list contains mainly bloggers that I'm following because you know that you have to write about what you know.

  1. Tech Bloggers
  2. Marketing Bloggers
  3. B2B Bloggers
  4. Travel Bloggers
  5. Fitness Bloggers
  6. Fashion Bloggers
Top Tech Bloggers you should follow - DrSoft

Top Tech Bloggers you should follow - DrSoft

Technology is a topic that is covered by many websites. Articles about this topic usually contain:

  • product news;
  • tech events;
  • product reviews;
  • how to use a specific product;
  • product comparisons;
  • products specifications;

I'm sure that everyone, at some point, searched something about why should you buy this product, how can I use it. Thus these sites are quite in-handy, even though, at the first glance, you might think that “No, this topic doesn't interest me at all”.


This is a website that's mainly about technology news. The first look at the website gives you the feeling of a newspaper, which is pretty nice. They have news about everything: from laws that affect tech companies, to updates on products.

Scrolling down, you'll find a section that contains tech companies which are hiring:

9 top bloggers you should follow - drsoft

9 top bloggers you should follow - drsoft

Doesn't this resemble even more with a newspaper?

Going even further, you'll find their podcast. They offer a newsletter subscription, thus you'll be able to read the latest articles, right when you want.

You can also follow them on Twitter or on Facebook.


A very popular website, TechCrunch covers tech news about:

As it is one of the most popular tech websites, they offer a bunch of ways for you to follow them. They are present of every social media channel, and they even have App Store and Google Store apps, for you to be closer to their news and alerts.

Of course, they offer the possibility to subscribe to their newsletter, where they offer a bunch of newsletter categories, mainly on daily or weekly review.


iMore is a website that covers mainly news about Apple products. BUT they also have articles such as guides, how-tos, articles about how to use apps. Yes, they are iOS related, but I'm sure that everyone could find this information useful. They also cover articles about Amazon and about Pokemon Go.

For the non-Apple users, there are two similar websites: Android Central and Windows Central.

If you want to follow them on social media, you can on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and YouTube.

They even have this shop where they present you different product offers (not only Apple products).

If you want to be a blogger, then digital marketing is something that you should know, at least a bit You have to find ideas on how to promote your blog, how to attract readers and in the end, how to build a brand out of your blog.

Some of the digital tools I have used also have blogs where they write about how to:

  • get sales;
  • improve your emailing list;
  • create ads;
  • reach more followers;
  • and so on

Buffer Blog

Buffer is an automation tool, that helps you schedule your social media posts, see which of them had the best impact and re-post the best ones.

The Buffer Blog contains a lot of articles that will really help you not only for inspiration, but also to really know how to improve your blog (in terms of digital marketing, of course).

They also offer a podcast that you can listen to while you drive or while you eat your breakfast.

I didn't find a way to subscribe to their blog articles, thus you might have to only follow them on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn).


Wordstream it's an online advertising software that is “designed specifically to help small- and medium-sized businesses maximize results from their online advertising“.

They also offer a bunch of free tools for you to use. All of them are useful if you have a blog that you want to promote and grow.

As most websites that offer products/services, they also have a blog. Being in the online advertising field, of course, they are writing about:

  • SEO and keywords;
  • Marketing strategies;
  • Google Ads;
  • Facebook and Facebook Ads;
  • Brand Awareness;
  • and many others subjects that you can really use as an inspiration, but as good advice and tactics, too.

The fact that you can subscribe to their newsletter is really convenient. Every day or every other day you'll have the newest articles published or promoted (and they are a few) so you can read exactly what you are interested in.

It's one of the newsletters that I actually enjoy opening and reading the new articles' titles. I click on the one that I find useful for me.

Intercom Blog

Intercom is another tool I've used; it's a super complete website live chat, that has a bunch of paid modules. These modules open paths for you; there is the right help for retention, chat, customer service etc.

The free modules are enough for you to put a chat on your blog and quickly respond to your viewers (through chat or through email). But we are here to talk about Intercom Blog.

Yes, they have a blog, and yes, they also focus on presenting situations and features that concern they software. BUT that doesn't mean you can't follow them are read all that they write. It's one of the top bloggers you should follow because they are professional and they know how to present marketing related stuff.

Their main categories are:

  • Customer support;
  • Design;
  • Sales & Marketing;
  • Product Management;
  • Startups;
  • Updates.

They even have a Podcast where they talk with people like Nick Caldwell from Reddit. A good way to listen to what other people, from the big companies but not only, have to say about Business, Customer Success, Engineering and Product Strategy.

B2B bloggers you should follow - DrSoft - Top Bloggers you should follow

B2B bloggers you should follow - DrSoft - Top Bloggers you should follow

Business-to-Business is one domain where it's really important to have a blog. This is the way you gain traffic to your website and brand awareness. Let's use the simplest example: you offer catering for business events. You can use a simple website, that will have the main landing page, and others like Contact, Location and About Us.

Do you think that you can offer enough content in those few pages so that Google will rank you the first?

Maybe. But really hard, and only if you'll promote your business on all other channels. But think about starting a blog. You'll be able to write things like “what to do at an event”, “why is catering the easy way”, “what dishes can you include at a business event” and so many more.

Make people trust you BEFORE they order from you. I mean, you'd have to let them know that you are there for them with useful blog articles, with useful information. The present generations appreciate this.

Not to mention that basically even Buffer and Intercom is some B2Bs. And as you could see, they developed a blog where they constantly write.

Let's see some other services that have a blog you should follow.


Cisco is an international technology company that offers a vast variety of products and services, from networking (routers, wireless), to security (network firewalls).

I saw that this company is mentioned quite a lot among the B2B companies which are great for inspiration in terms of online presence.

Now, of course, they couldn't be on the top just by having a website where they showcase their products. They had to have a good and constant online presence, and they had to have a blog. There they can present their current and potential clients with useful information.

As a B2B blogger, I advise you to follow them on all social media platforms, along with their blog. You don't have to focus that much on what they are writing about. Focus more on how they are writing, when, and what do they share on which social media platforms.


It's an online free (for users) tool, that helps business find the best software to use. You can search for your options and compare software between them, in order to get the best for you.

It's a great company to watch, their blog contains A LOT of domains. From B2B to Hotel Management, to Construction Management. I have to tell you I was quite impressed when I discovered this.

So their B2B blog topic involves articles about:

  • leads;
  • marketing strategies;
  • international business expanding;
  • pay-per-click;
  • and many, many more.

It's definitely a top blogger you should follow for inspiration, to see how they are doing things in the B2B field; but also to read about useful information for developing your own B2B.

travel bloggers you should follow - DrSoft - Top Bloggers you should follow

travel bloggers you should follow - DrSoft - Top Bloggers you should follow

Travel blogging hit the popularity scale in the last past years. That is because of the internet, of course. And a lot of social media platforms, which help travel bloggers (and not only) showcase their trips. Also because we now live in a world that is way more permissive and you can basically travel everywhere.

Travel blogging is a way for people to make a living, but also for big companies and hotels. They can invite you to their venue so that you will experience what they have to offer; afterward, you can write blog articles about them.

World of Wanderlust

Brooke Saward is the author of this blog. She is a traveler and she has seen MANY places. Her blog isn't her only thing: she also wrote a book about traveling and opened two businesses in her hometown.

Alongside the travel blog articles, she also has four more blog topics that she covers: blogging, lifestyle, food, and career. More reasons to follow her, right?

Going back to travel blogs, she has categories on every continent in the world. So there is a lot of reading there.

Of course, you should also follow her on social media, as her travel photos are really nice.

Hand Luggage Only

This travel blog was created in 2014 by two guys: Yaya and Lloyd.

They write about their experiences, in their travel journal. Not only this, they help you with some travel inspiration, and travel advice.

They also have other topics about what they write, such as Photography, Food, Destinations, Hacks (lifestyle, home inspiration, and blogging tips).

Sometimes they even create videos for the trips they've been to. Thus you must follow them on YouTube, too.

Do not forget about their Instagram account, because it is a pleasure to watch.

The Drifter Collective

The Drifter Collective is owned by Kacey, a lifestyle and travel blogger. She's not so popular on Instagram, for example, but it's worth to mention her here.

This blog definitely has another vibe than the other two. It feels more towards relaxation, calmness, inspiration, and creativity.

She has a few articles that are based only on trips, but she also combines with skill travel and other subjects. For example, she writes about:

  • wellness and traveling;
  • inspiration and travel advice;
  • style and traveling.

She's present on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter, so go follow her. You can also subscribe to her newsletter.

fitness bloggers you should follow - DrSoft - Top bloggers you should follow

fitness bloggers you should follow - DrSoft - Top bloggers you should follow

Other popular subjects these days are Sports, Fitness, and everything related to them. Many people from all around the globe are choosing to become a personal trainer and some of them even go online. They create a blog and start showing you:

  • what's best regarding fitness exercising;
  • how should you change your mentality;
  • what should you eat;
  • and many related subjects.

This is a topic where I've found not only one person blogs, but also websites that are focused on fitness and sports.


Blogilates is created by Cassey Ho, a fitness instructor, and a successful entrepreneur. Her whole popularity grew after a YouTube video workout posted in 2009.

She is now known worldwide, being the first female account on YouTube with over 500 million views.

Her website has a lot of information and articles based on fitness and lifestyle. But focusing on her blog, she writes about various things related to her domain:

  • Body Image;
  • Before & After;
  • Feelings;
  • Motivational;
  • Entrepreneurship;
  • Life;
  • Food & Diet.

You can find her on social media on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. And of course, you can subscribe to her newsletter to receive the newest content. She is definitely an inspiration in terms of fitness blogging and business, thus you have to follow her.

Hello Healthy MyFitnessPal Blog

MyFitnessPal is an app which you can use to track your calorie intake. You can also use it on your computer – everything will be synced to your app.

They have food from a large number of restaurants, so it'll be easy for you to find the exact meal that you ate.

Their blog is super diverse; they write about everything related to fitness:

  • recipes;
  • tips and advice;
  • diets;
  • exercises;
  • weight loss.

Even though you won't download the app to see how it works, this is a top blogger you should follow because it will offer you a vast list of articles which you can use as an inspiration for yourself.

Sarahs Day

Sarah (who would've guessed?!) is a fitness Youtuber. She created two 8 week fitness plans, an activewear line, and she is offering tips and tricks about home remedies, along with healthy recipes.

Her blog articles are few, as her first article was published on the 28th of December 2017.

The Sarahs Day YouTube account has 40 vlogs, 8 workouts, 8 healthy recipes, and 18 other videos. Thus, her content is in full developing mode.

BUT she already has almost 750.000 YouTube subscribers! And almost 520.000 Instagram followers. If she started in December 2017 (I couldn't find exactly) well then congratulations to her! She developed a full community only on her website, Instagram and YouTube.

She even sells 3 eBooks, and has a podcast channel – some are in collaboration with Daily Mail, BuzzFeed, Odyssey. Let's not forget about her clothing line.

fashion bloggers you should follow - DrSoft - Top bloggers you should follow

fashion bloggers you should follow - DrSoft - Top bloggers you should follow

Wait, is this another popular topic? Of course, it is. It has the same reasons as fitness and travel blogging – the rise of Instagram, YouTube and all of the social media.

Many young adults are trying to at least present their outfits on Instagram. So the desire to become a fashion blogger is big and popular.

The thing is that this topic is highly popular among women. If you start searching on Google for fashion bloggers, you'll mostly find women. But not to worry – this list contains also male fashion bloggers.

The Zoe Report

The Zoe Report is a website that covers subjects like fashion, lifestyle, and beauty.

They write about:

  • trends;
  • clothes to wear;
  • celebrities styles;
  • new clothes;
  • fashion brands;
  • and these are only a few, and only based on fashion. As I've said, they also write about lifestyle and beauty.

Sometimes, their articles are quite short, but they are right on point with information. And they publish a lot of content. Being subscribed to their newsletter, you'll see that is fun to read a few short articles in the morning, just to keep up with what's trending.


Again not a solely fashion website, you'll find at PureWow also articles about beauty, family, home and recipes.

I find it a bit similar to the previous website, but it definitely doesn't have the same writing style, and articles.

You can start your day by reading their newsletter, where they present the latest articles published. Choose whatever you want to read (e.g. what's out this season, how should you wear a type of jacket, how can you dress like a royal), and spend a few minutes in order to be informed and inspired.

One Dapper Street

This is a … *drums* … male fashion blogger. His name is Marcel.

The fun things about his website are that it offers a somewhat of a query where you can choose what type of outfit you want to see. Pick the occasion, the outerwear, the color, the accessories, the shoes, the stop, the season and others. With a bit of a luck (there are endless combinations, thus you might not find exactly what you want), you'll find the perfect outfit to wear.

If this won't help you, you can check his LookBook or you can follow him on social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter).

His articles are, of course, about fashion: how to wear different clothes, and even how to shave.

He Spoke Style

Another male fashion blogger is Brian Sacawa. His journey to male fashion blogging is a bit odd (he was a “professional musician and a former bicycle racer“. He indeed noticed that there aren't so many male fashion blogs, thus he took action.

He writes only about fashion and style. He has a style guide where he presents with photos and articles, how to styles a blazer, shoes, chinos, jeans and many other types of clothing.

His articles are based on styles inspiration and advice. He even offers a glossary of fashion terms, which is extremely useful, don't you think?


Getting back to female fashion bloggers, I wanted to pin again InTheFrow. The owner of this website is Victoria, who has a Ph.D. in fashion, and it's an award-winning blogger.

She is an ambassador for quite a few brands, and she recently wrote a book on fashion.

I think that she is that fashion blogger that can and should inspire you in every way possible, not just because of what and how she's writing. From around 2011 when she started blogging and vlogging, she created herself a tremendous career.

She is a muse in terms of hard work, thus even though she kind of presents mostly luxury brands, you should definitely follow her. Where? On YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

To sum up

I tried to show you different styles and people that are writing about every topic so that you'll find diverse things; not only popular ones but also people that are good at their topic but aren't under the radar.

For this top bloggers, you should follow list I've also asked real people around me. You know that your friends' recommendations are kind of the best, as they've tried it and they would only tell you about it if they like it. And of course, I also recommended bloggers that I watch, excuse my drops of subjectivity.

This whole list can always be improved; I would love to add other websites and bloggers that you think are good in their topic.

If you are willing to find more about blogging, we can help you with that, too.

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