Mom Blogging – 9 Important Things You Should Know

Mom Blogging – 9 Important Things You Should Know

One other type of blogging that is super popular these days is mom blogging. It's a business, it's a type of blogging, thus this article had to be wri

One other type of blogging that is super popular these days is mom blogging. It's a business, it's a type of blogging, thus this article had to be written.

As in the other articles where I talked about how to start a travel blog, or how to be a fashion blogger, I'll try to cover some things like:

  • why should you become a blogging mom?
  • choosing your niche
  • deciding on a domain name
  • choosing the right hosting service and blog platform
  • think of an appropriate blog theme
  • start your mom blog
  • where to promote your blog articles
  • how to make money
  • some ideas to write about.

This article can surely be considered a guide to being a blogging mom because it contains a lot of information: from A to Z. Still, if you still have some questions after reading this article, feel free to contact us on social media, and we'll be happy to help you.

I have to mention right from the beginning: being a blogging mom doesn't necessarily mean that you have to have a full business going on, or that every mother that starts a blog will become famous.

You can choose to write simply because you find it relaxing. Another reason may be that you simply want to help other mothers by writing useful tips from your own experience.

Still, most of the time mothers just want a stay at home job. They want to be home with their children, but at the same time to have an extra income. Which is super great, and many mothers do it. Of course, being a famous mom blogger would mean that you have to put in some work aka invest some time and even money.

Before going on, you should really know that your children should be more important than your blogging business; you shouldn't get carried away and switch from a stay-at-home mom to a constantly busy mother who barely spends time with her children.

And keep in mind that if you are going to take photos of your children, it will be possible that they will feel a bit awkward when they'll become older. The Internet is basically a “forever” thing, so maybe try not to expose your kids so much.

But of course, if you think the other way around, that is fine, too.

Why should you become a blogging mom?

Different countries have different laws regarding paid maternity leave. In Romania you can stay at home for a maximum of 2 years; in The Netherlands, you can get 16 weeks, and in the US it's about a month. For the mothers that can stay longer at home, you can see that the can easily choose to blog for fun or/and for an additional income.

The same happens with stay-at-home mothers. While the working ones have a limited amount of time when they can stay at home, the others are even more tempted to start a blog as a home activity/job.

This can also happen: before you had your children you were a blogger that wrote about fashion or traveling or marketing or any other topic. You can continue with your subject, but you can also change it or create a whole new blog along with your first one.

Either the situation, becoming a blogging mom can mean that you will:

  • have an activity to do;
  • relax and enjoy some creative time;
  • possibly earn some extra money;
  • help other mothers with your experience.

Besides, it will be helpful to join in several other blogging moms groups. You'll find communities of women that are willing to share and give you advice about parenting. And maybe you can even make some friends.

In terms of some extra income, after you've managed to create an online presence, you can start looking for affiliate programs. There are also other opportunities that brands offer, so search for them and earn extra money.

Be sure that the future articles that contain product placement are well noted: have a disclosure page where you detail about who is your promoting and why. We'll delve into this a bit later.

Choose your right niche

Every type of blogger has to do this at some point. Some argue that having a niche blog will restrict you; you will struggle to keep yourself motivated to always write about the same subject. The same ones say that maybe you should write because you want to, and not because you feel obligated to post something for your readers.

They say that you should be able to write and not just pass on information.

Others, like us here, say that having a niche blog is one of the best approaches to blogging. Of course, bottom line is that everyone is able to decide what should their blog be about, and information should it contain.

But there are many blogs out there, and each focuses on one main subject. If you will search for let's say social media marketing blogs, I don't think the multi-subject blogs will appear first. Google ranks higher the blogs that are consistent in information, where people can find a lot of details about one main subject.

Google “likes” to rank these blogs higher because it supposes that you know what you're talking about. And when a person will search for some information, Google will recommend you because you have a lot of qualitative content. This is the simplest explanation I could come up with.

Having a blog as a mom will make you think of the fact that you'll be limited in terms of article ideas. But just think of these things:

  • your passion;
  • your strengths;
  • a profitable match.

Do some brainstorming and find out which the main subject is to be found in all of the three categories.

You can also think about what you want to transmit to the other mothers. Or maybe you want to reach a broader audience? Single-fathers, single, mothers, first-time parents, maybe even go further and reach, for example, all of the persons that like cooking.

It doesn't necessarily have to be a blog that will focus on parenting. You can include your whole life experience as a mother, or you can niche down to writing about feng-shui for children.

Of course, you will have to think a bit about your audience in terms of age, maybe income, social status, but at the end of the day, you have to write about something that you're good at, or that you're actually doing/know about.

Decide on your Blog Name

This is a thing that all bloggers do, therefore you have to as well. After you decide what you'll write about, start thinking about what would be an appropriate blog name.

Above I mentioned that maybe you'll find yourself in the situation where you are changing your blog path (ex. you were a travel blogger, now you want to be a travel mom blogger -or something else that relates with “momming”). In this case, you have to either start a whole new blog or you either have to redesign your old one and focus more on the new subject.

Either way, you'll have to have a name that will be able to cover both of the new subjects. Because if you started with for example “”, you can't really continue with this name, if you'll want to write about recipes good for children.

Same goes the other way: if you think that at some point you'll leave the mom blogging behind and you'll start writing about something else, then you have to accept that you either start now with a more general blog name, or you'll start a new blog entirely.

I have to mention that starting a new blog from scratch will mean that you'll not have the same “authority” in Google, you'll lose all of what you've achieved through SEO and so on.

Having a two-sided blog will mean that you'll no longer have a “super niche” blog. But as soon as you'll start focusing just on one subject, you'll be back to a niche blog, that will have a great past. So really take some time and think about your decision.

Write down a list of things that are connected with your blog's main subject, and start coming up with names. You can use anagrams, or you can use a combination of words. Bottom line is to pick a name that will stick into people's minds, and that will be representative enough for you.

Also, as you'll have to create a logo at some point, think of how will your blog name look in a logo. This will help you a lot in narrowing down your options.

What hosting service and blog platform should you use

Most of the blogs written these days are on WordPress. Even the B2B and B2C websites have blogs that are built with a WordPress plug-in (of course, not all of them).

So I believe that the easiest way is to pick WordPress as your blogging platform. If you are a beginner, you can look around in the free version, where you'll not have your own domain name (it will be like this:

If you know want to pick blogging as a stay at home job, then you might have to consider buying the package where you can have your own domain name.

Choosing a blog theme

Of course, after you've decided what name are you going to use for your blog, you're going to need a logo and a theme. In order to choose a great theme for your mom blog, it's best to first decide on your logo.

If your blog name is short and permissive enough, you can use a script font that will represent your main vibe of the blog. In case you want something more detailed, you can use a tool like DesignEvo to try yourself to create your mom blog logo.

This online tool also offers you a great range of logo inspiration, so that you can easily create your perfect logo in a matter of minutes. Or if you are feeling super creative, you can start a logo from scratch.

It has a free plan, which you can use to test things around. You can download your logo, but in the free plan you can get a maximum of 500×500 resolution, and no transparent background.

Moving on, it can happen that what you've created will not be exactly as what you expected, but don't despair.
Your logo sketch/draft can be used as a starting point for someone who's really a professional logo designer. In this way, you can show him exactly what you want. This kind of service is found on Fiverr or Upwork. Here you can ask what you want, along with a price, and somebody will accept your offer and help you.

Logos design prices are various – they depend on the level of professionalism and on the level of complexity. Look on those websites for examples, then set your rate and start searching.
In terms of colors, you can either choose a palette or you can let the logo designer recommend you the best colors. For your own choice of colors, you can find a lot of inspiration on Pinterest, just by typing “color schemes”.

Of course, there are also online websites that help you do this. ColorMind is one of them. It's super easy to use, so just head to their website and start mixing colors around.

As soon as you decided on the colors and on the logo, you can really start thinking about your mom blog theme. It should definitely use colors from the logo, but you can do the vice-versa, too: choosing the theme's colors, then transposing them to the logo. It's up to you and your creativity.

There are lots of free WordPress themes available, but there are also a lot of paid ones that are really worth the money. Browse directly on the WordPress website or head over to Google and start searching for Free themes (if this is what you want).

Just make sure that your theme will be mobile responsive (this means it will look good on a mobile device, too). A great number of users are reading blogs directly from their smartphone. Therefore, I'm sure you will not want to have a website that's “unreadable”; people will not even stay on your blog if they see this.

**BONUS: **Head over to Elegant Themes where you'll find something truly exciting. All of their themes give you the possibility to customize your blog/website in real time. Because you know that you will be writing your blog article in the “back” of your blog. You'll have to constantly hit the Preview button, costing you time and energy.

But with the themes from Elegant Themes, it will be super easy. They are using the Divi Builder and you'll be able to customize your website in no time, without the need for a professional web designer. Less time, more saved money!

Basic WordPress plugins for Mom Blogging

Yes, I am going to assume that you picked WordPress as your blogging platform.
This part of the article is mostly directed for those moms that just got into blogging and that need some guidance towards choosing the best plugins for their websites.

In case you are just switching from another blogging path, you may want to skip this part. Or you can stick around, maybe you'll discover something new.

In order to get your blog up there in Google's ranks, you need to do some SEO(Search Engine Optimization). As the name says, you need to optimize your content for a search engine, that is Google, Bing, and others.

The most common plugin for SEO is Yoast SEO. You can use it in the free version and it will let you add one main keyword for your blog article. It will help you know if your blog article is ready to go in terms of SEO, by providing information regarding:

  • meta description -is there a main keyword + how long the meta description is;
  • blog title -how long the title is and does it contain the main keyword;
  • keyword count-number of times the exact keyword has been found in your article;
  • if there are images with the keyword in the title;
  • if there are outbound and inbound links (outbound links send the reader to another website, while the inbound links send the reader to an article on your own website);

Yoast SEO also helps you by giving information regarding the readability of your blog article. This means that it will tell you if you have:

  • paragraphs that are too long;
  • too many passive voice sentences;
  • consecutive sentences that start with the same word(s);
  • sentences that are too long.

To be frank, you will encounter some bugs like the case when your problematic paragraphs won't be highlighted and similar other things. Also, don't be too harsh on the main keyword – Yoast will probably tell you that you didn't use the exact keyword the number of times it would like you to. But you've certainly used synonyms of that keyword, and Google will recognize them, too.

To add synonyms to your main keyword, you have to upgrade your Yoast plan.

Another plugin that you should have is one that will keep your blog's securitySucuri is one plugin that will help you in this matter. It's a firewall that will protect your blog from attacks, malware, and many other security-related issues.

You maybe also want to install a plugin for social media sharing, just so that your readers will be able to quickly hit the share button on whatever social media platform they would like. Social Warfare is the plugin you want for this.

For the free version, you'll be able to add a sharing button for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and all the other common ones. If you want to have other platforms available for sharing (like Pocket, Reddit, Buffer etc.), you'll have to have the Social Warfare – Pro.

Depending on your needs, you'll have to add various other types of plugins, in order to create a super blog. The above ones are the ones that you should have no matter what because they refer to SEO, security and social media sharing.

If you will need contact forms, backups, image galleries, opt-ins, and others, just have a look around Google. I'm sure you'll be able to find something that will totally fit your blog.

Before you launch your blog

Besides picking up a logo and a theme, before you launch your blog you should already have a few articles. You will want to start promoting your blog immediately, especially if you are trying to blog as a stay at home job. In this case, you will not want to have an empty blog.

It will be better for you and your mom blog to be able to do ad posts at the same time:

  1. one that presents only your new blog;
  2. the others that contain the articles that you already have.

If you hadn't written your articles, you wouldn't have been able to diverse your news about launching the new blog. It would all be related simply to “I have a new blog”, instead of that plus “Check something about…”; “I found a new recipe for children” etc.

Blogging Ideas for Moms

For you to have an easier start with your new blogging for moms activity, I'll recommend you some ideas. You can use them as they are, or you can use them for further inspiration, picking up bits of each one and creating your own blog article idea.

I'll have you know that taking all the decisions that I mentioned above (audience, theme, even logo) can really be a breaking point in finding the best ideas for your mom blog.

At this point (and I'm referring to this period of time where there are millions of bloggers out there), I think that a blogger mom is a derived version of a lifestyle blogger.

You can be the mom blogger that posts about everything that is going on in your life, but with a touch of “children”. That means that you can write about various things, some of them including your child, some of them including just you, as a mother, some of them including your family, and so on.

Coming up with ideas is truly not a simple thing, more so if you are a newbie and you are nervous to have everything right. You can find inspiration in every second of your life, or you can use Pinterest as a search engine. There's also the option where you can search for various other mom bloggers and inspire yourself from there.

Either way, just to offer you a complete guide on taking up mom blogging, I tried to come up with main ideas, some of them having secondary options:

  • traveling with children

    • babies;
    • toddlers;
    • almost teenagers;
    • what to pack;
    • what to eat;
    • how to choose the perfect trip;
  • being a stay at home mother;
  • how to choose the perfect school for your kids;
  • reviews about products that you use (for children or for you);
  • recipes for your family

    • pack your children's lunch;
    • full week recipes;
    • gluten free recipes for children/family;
    • sugar-free recipes for children/family;
  • entertain your children

    • games to play;
    • places to take them;
    • spend time with all of the family;
  • how do you teach your kids

    • recycling matters;
    • how to behave in society;
    • how to act at school;
    • taking and finishing chores;
  • fashion for children

    • what brands/non-brands are you buying;
    • new clothes that you discover;
  • cleaning your house

    • cleaning products that are child safe;
    • how often should you clean the house;
    • teach your children to help you, by using various methods;
  • food in general

    • what to eat during and after pregnancy;
    • best healthy recipes for your whole family;
  • products that you use as a mother and as a woman.

Oh, and in order to create complete articles, make sure you add some images. There are a lot of tools that can help you create great images all by yourself; both for using in your blog articles, and in social media promotion. There are a lot of things to say, so better check our full guide on blog images.

Where to Share your Mom Blog Articles?

As you may have seen around you, blog articles are shared across all social media platforms. Mostly, on Pinterest, because it is also a search engine (and a pretty one, with lots of visuals).

Each social media platform will bring you a different kind of audience, so it's better to be present on all of them:

  • Facebook is the one where you have all of your friends and acquaintances. You can either use your personal profile, or you can create a Facebook Page. Even though traffic coming from Facebook may have changed, you should still have a presence there, because it is still the main place where people will look for you.

    • Also, there are Facebook Groups, which are a tremendous way to raise your content and your “brand” awareness. If you're feeling confident enough, you can create your own Facebook Group (and we have a lot to teach to about this subject) or you can join other ones. Search for Mom/Mothers Facebook Groups and join the one that you think it will fit you. Be sure to read its rules and to follow them.
    • A Facebook Group is a great way to meet and to communicate with other mothers that either is stay-at-home or are blogging or so. You'll definitely find a community in which you will be able to truly communicate with others like you. It will basically be like a blogging moms club.
  • Twitter is there for the quick news, as I consider it. It is more popular in the US than in other countries, but it's a nice social media account to have. Sometimes people will look on Twitter in order to find you and communicate with you for various things (tag you in tweets, ask you public questions etc.).
  • Pinterest is the one social media platform that is also a search engine. Whatever you will search, you'll find here. The best part is that everything is visual. As Pinterest is mostly used by women, you should definitely have a presence here. Create a Pinterest profile where you'll have your own boards (with your own articles) and boards where you pin from others.

    • It's a great place to promote your articles in various ways, as you can pin the same article, but with a different “face” every time. Head over to our Pinterest account, to see how we organized stuff.
    • Pinterest also has Groups Boards. They are like a classic Pinterest Board, but more people are part of it, therefore add pins in there. They are great for traffic, but they are a bit tricky to get into. I'll leave here two of them so that you can quickly see for yourself what's the deal with them: Mommy Blogger Top Picks and Mom to Mompreneur. Make sure you read their description/rules so that you'll actually get accepted.
  • Forums are other great ways to share your ideas and to share your mommy blog articles. The most popular ones are Quora and Reddit.

    • On Quora, you can create a profile and specify the things you might like to answer (because here, people ask questions and others answer them). You can also search for things that you think you might have the answer to, and share your ideas. It's best not to answer with just your blog article; add some content to your answers, do a summary of your article, and add at the end of your article.
    • On Reddit, it's where you have to find threads about mom blogging, mom blogs, motherhood and all of that. Be a part of those threads and start promoting your mom blog.

BONUS: How to make money with blogging for moms?

Each blogging ideas for moms I mentioned above can include at least one product or brand. The best way to start making money is to be a part of an affiliate program.

Affiliate marketing means that you will promote products on your website, and as soon someone buys the product you referred, you'll earn a commision. It's not that hard to actually include links to products in your mommy blog articles. It will be a bit harder at the beginning when you'll have to make people know you.

So this should be the first step: enroll in an affiliate marketing program and take it step by step. If you think that affiliate marketing for blogging moms is not your fit, then you can always try something else like Ads placed on your blog, paid product reviews etc. Find more details in our article here.

These are all the main ideas that you should read before joining the blogging for moms world. To recap, here are some ideas:

  • Choose to be a blogging mom as a stay at home job for moms or to just relax by writing;
  • Think of who would you want to read your blog;
  • Pick your mom blog name;
  • Choose the right hosting service and blogging platform;
  • Pick a blog theme that will represent you in the blogging moms' world;
  • Add the basic plugins for WordPress (SEO, Security, Social Sharing);
  • Launch your mom blog only after everything is settled and you already have 3-4 published articles;
  • There's always inspiration that you can use to come up with blogging ideas for moms;
  • Promote your mom blog articles on Social Media, especially on Pinterest;
  • Make money with affiliate marketing, paid reviews, ads etc.

Be sure to check our blogging category, to find other useful things about…blogging.

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