See 7 Useful Tips For Fashion And Beauty Blogging

See 7 Useful Tips For Fashion And Beauty Blogging

Fashion and beauty blogging is one of the most popular types of blogging. These days, there are a lot of people (mainly women) who write about this su

Fashion and beauty blogging is one of the most popular types of blogging. These days, there are a lot of people (mainly women) who write about this subject, either both or separated (fashion or/and beauty). Still, with the rise of YouTube videos and video content, most of them moved there; they left blogging on the second place and chose video content to be their first choice when it comes to talking about what products they use and so on.

This situation doesn't mean that you should choose, too, to start on YouTube or through video content. Blogging is still here and it will be.

Blogging is so much fun, and I think that everyone should blog if they have something they wish to share.  – Victoria @ InTheFrow

With all these bloggers and influencers, you must remember that you should differentiate yourself. There are many products and brands out there that are constantly looking for someone to promote and to recommend them. The number of potential bloggers and influencers is big enough. This leads to the explanation of the statement “differentiate yourself”. I'm talking about the fact that there are plenty of bloggers that will accept the money to promote products even if those products or brands aren't something that they truly like.

Standing out of a crowd that can be fake, should be your virtue.

for those looking for a long-term career; they won't find it in quick, heartless and meaningless content. Content with substance, care and thought will always win in the long term, over a quick cash boost. Victoria – @InTheFrow

The reason why I gave Victoria as an example is that she is a truly professional fashion and beauty blogger, plus so much more. She is one of the bloggers that you should follow for inspiration. She didn't start blogging that early (she was 24 years old when she started out, but she worked hard – even god a Ph.D. in Fashion, and now has a thriving career. You'll see that she will be mentioned more in this article.

Therefore, always keep in mind that you should only write about fashion and beauty products that you use and think that they are good enough to share. Otherwise, if there's only one bad product in your blog, people will instantly start to stop trusting you. As you know, one bad thing can cost you 1000 good things, so be careful!

Let's move further and see what you should take into consideration when it comes to starting a fashion and beauty blog.

  1. Choosing an audience niche;
  2. Fashion and beauty article subjects ideas;
  3. Tips on fashion and beauty blogging.

Choosing an audience for your fashion and beauty blog

When it comes to blogging in general, there are a few niche categories that you can check, in order to help you find your audience:

  • The audience age group (teens, young adults, adults, elderly, millennials);
  • The audience social situation (dads, single moms, entrepreneurs);
  • Industry (marketing, writing, fitness, manufacturing);
  • Products (gadgets, furniture, clothes, books);
  • Services (blogging, web developing, freelancing, coaching) (source)

The bolded ones are the niche categories that I would suggest to check for fashion and beauty blogging.

This type of blogging implies that you will mostly write about products. Now “Products” can refer to beauty products, accessories, clothes. All these have a lot of subjects you can tackle:

  • reviews;
  • experiences;
  • beauty and clothing advice;
  • fashion styles;
  • etc.

A complete fashion and beauty blog will contain articles that have each of these subjects. Why? Because fashion and beauty is a big subject, therefore you will be able to write about all these things, and not be afraid that you'll ever run out of articles.

All of those three types of products can be categories themselves. Decide whether you want to write about:

  • luxury products;
  • average price products;
  • low price products;
  • or to combine these three categories.

Either way, if you'll write about the products you are using, you'll see that at the beginning you'll have a combination of the up-mentioned categories. Don't stress about this; after some time, you'll get to be more specific. Still, there's always a chance that a low-price product can be as good as an average one, so feel free to write about it. As long as you really enjoy it, and you know that it is a truly good product.

**Choose your audience**

In terms of audiences, you can categorize it in these ways:

  • gender
  • age
  • social situation (single mother/father, students, career persons etc.)

To choose the right audience, think about what products will you want to present. As I've mentioned above, it's best to write about products that you are using; therefore, if you're a woman, your audience will be women; if you're a man, your audience will be men.

Here's a tip you can experiment with – your boyfriend(husband)/girlfriend(wife) can help you with testing products, and letting you know about their experiences. In this way, your audience will be a bit bigger, not to mention slightly atypical. As there are many fashion and beauty blogs targeted to women only. There aren't many male bloggers who write about fashion and beauty, let's not lie. But that doesn't mean that some men won't search for products to use.

Therefore, if you're a male writing about men fashion and beauty products, well done! Ask one your girlfriend/mother/wife/friend to help you with women products, if you want to insert them into your blog, too.

If you're a woman blogging about fashion and beauty, then ask your boyfriend/father/husband/friend to tell you about the products they are using.

Next step is to choose your audience's age. You can choose from teens, young adults, adults, elderly. Again, as it's best to write regarding your experiences, try to target an audience that has your age. There can be a situation when you remember about a product you used when you were younger. This can be a great blog article, as it not only diversifies your blog, but you'll be also able to help let's say, teenage girls.

Regarding the social situation, fashion and beauty blogging appeals to almost anyone. If you're a single mother/father, then try to reach your community. Write about what products do you use in your day to day life, and how are they helping you. Fashion and beauty may not be the first thought of a single mother or father, therefore you should try to write from your own experiences. What worked with your skin, what clothes are good for your body, how can you dress fast but still look well-put.

In case you are a career man/woman, obviously, write articles that will touch this kind of audience. It is represented by people who live life on fast forward, traveling a lot and having a busy schedule. Think about how are you coping with this social situation, in terms of fashion and beauty, and give tips to others likes you.

Same goes for every social situation you can think of.

I want to mention again that the key to developing a great fashion and beauty blog (or any other blog, for that matter), is to write about your own experiences. Think of it this way: if you're a stay-at-home mom, and you write about products and tips for career women, then it will not be 100% OK.

Yes, most of the time products are for general use. But you won't be able to know the real tips that career women need. At the same time, you won't be able to create a connection with them. As you probably know already, the new generations are all about having a strong and genuine communication with the brands. As you, yourself, can be a brand, they think that people will want to feel a connection.

They won't be able to feel it 100% if you won't write 100% about the products you love. The real reviews and experiences come from reality, not imagination and assumptions.

Ideas What to Write About in your Fashion and Beauty Blog Posts

Fashion and beauty blogging can offer you a lot of subjects to write about:

  • product reviews;
  • how to use products;
  • clothes quality;
  • style clothes;
  • fashion trends;
  • compare products;
  • tips and advice;
  • etc.

Product reviews are the easiest way to start this type of blog. I'm sure that over the years you've tested and have had your favorites. Write them on a sheet of paper (virtual or real one); think about what do you currently have in your makeup bag, your dressing, and in your beauty drawer.

Categorize your current products by:

  • use – face, body, seasonal clothes;
  • favorite;
  • price (luxury, average, low).

Product reviews should be short stories about the specific product. Try to include as many features as you can (size, package, consistency, material etc.). Try to include the following things:

  • the name of the product, with a link from where people can buy it;
  • a few photos of the product;
  • why are you using it;
  • pros and cons.

Advice: even though you may love a brand or a product from a brand, that doesn't mean you should always include only pros about it. Think of what features can be a con, because no product is perfect. Also, your audience will appreciate you more, because they will know you're telling the truth.

_-How to Use Products-_

This type of blog article is mainly regarding beauty products. On the market, there can be trickier products that people may not know how to properly use, therefore you should present them. You can combine this type of article with some of your experiences; tell people how are you using the specific product. Maybe they already know, maybe they don't.

It's also possible that they will contact you to present another way of use. If this happens, you can always modify your article, mentioning that you got help. Promote the article again, and tag your one-time adviser. This will definitely help at building a loyal audience.

This type of article needs lots of photos, maybe even videos. If you have the possibility, include both of them, in order to help your audience understand better how to use the beauty product you're writing about.

_-Clothes Quality-_

You may have heard about Hauls. They are those situations when you pick out online a lot of clothes from one or various brands and then try them on. This is will really help your audience know precisely if they should buy that particular piece of clothing or not.

Of course, it's an article where you must include lots of photos, even macro, I would suggest. In this way, people will see the material up-close, and they will know if they fit them or not.

Try to explain why you like the piece of clothing, and if the size actually fits. For a better reference, include at the end of your article your measurements. Because even though that piece of clothing may fit you or not, others can be in the exact opposite situation. Also, there are a lot of clothes that are tailored differently, so a size S can actually fit a size XS or even an M.

_-Styling Clothes-_

After a haul (or not necessarily) it's best to also give people ideas on how to style the clothes. In this article you should include the following:

  • why did you choose the piece of clothing;
  • where would you wear it;
  • how would you style it;
  • other ideas on how to style it – here it would be great to include different styles that you can obtain with that particular piece of clothing.

Of course, it's a blog article that needs a lot of photos. To make your photo presentation a bit easier, try to create collages or mini-albums (if the blogging theme or platform lets you).

You can use this type of fashion article as a “news” one. Present various trends that appear, from time to time, to inform your audience about what people are wearing.

Another way to blog about fashion trends is to present your honest opinion. It can happen that you will not follow a certain trend, because it doesn't suit you. Tell your audience this, and mention that they are entitled to wear whatever they want; they just have to feel good about themselves.

Also, show your readers how can you adapt a fashion trend to your style. This is something extremely helpful, as there are a lot of fashion amateurs who like a fashion trend, but who don't know if it fits them. Give ideas on how you would integrate a specific fashion trend into your personal style, and they'll surely thank you.

_-Compare Products-_

Throughout your experience, you may have used a lot of beauty products, or clothes. At one point you may have presented a type of product, but some time has passed and now you're using another, similar ones.

Maybe you've started out by wearing certain clothing brands, and now you started buying other ones.

Give your readers some background on these situations. Let them know why you decided to do these. Write about what are the differences between the products, but also what are the similarities.

Point out some pros and cons for each of them. Outline each product's features and compare them; this will help you present the products in a professional way, and not talking about entirely different features, that have no connection between the products.

_-Tips and Advice-_

Here comes your true experience with the products – telling your audience what you've discovered about them, and advising the audience regarding them.

Tips and tricks are a trending subject, everyone is interested in finding out insights into using a product. Maybe you've used the mascara as a liner; you've worn a shirt backward, for a total street style; maybe you've cleaned some clothes in an unusual way (sometimes even using beauty products).

The tips and advice about fashion and beauty subject are vast enough to use it as a constant blog article. Use your own imagination to find other ways you can use your product. Or simply write about how you managed to keep a shirt full of color, what do you use for cleaning your makeup brushes etc.

Inspire yourself from Pinterest, to see what other tips there are. Try them, then present your audience the result, even if the tip works or not. Give a reference to the person who wrote about the tip, because the nice thing to do, and show people (through videos or photos) if the idea worked for you.

Don't forget to give people advice. Maybe you've seen that people are using a product in the wrong way. Explain to them how they should use it. Any advice that you give should contain an explanation, maybe even an experience you went through.

Tips on Fashion and Beauty Blogging

Think of good fashion and beauty blog names that will represent you and your writing style. Put all of your ideas in one place. These ideas can be single words, but also phrases. Anything that you can think of is perfect for figuring out a good fashion and beauty blog name.

It's a brainstorming session, where you can even ask your friends for help. Tell them to say what's the first word they can think of when they think of you. If you have more friends that say the same word, you will definitely have something to start with.

After you finished writing the whole list, eliminate the words and phrases you don't resonate with. From the new list, try to combine words, do anagrams. Repeat the new words and collocations to see which ones stick into your mind.

Try to limit to a short phrase – 2-3 words maximum. Use 4 words if they are shorter. The idea is to create a fashion and beauty blog name that will be easily pronounced and remembered.

Victoria (the woman I gave you as an example in the first part) used 2 words together and came up with InTheFrow. It means In The Front Row. Nicely done!

Regarding the logo, you can either choose a font that represents you best, or you can choose to create one. Yes, create one yourself. DesignEvo is an online, free tool, with which you can create a quite amazing logo. They even help you with this process, because they have a bunch of articles base on logo creation and ideas.

2. Use keywords

When you'll begin writing your articles, try to do a bit of a research. If you already have an idea about what to write, that's awesome! Check what people are searching for in relation with your article. Make a list of all the questions and keywords possible. Try to focus on the most relevant one, and include the others throughout your article.

Here are some tools for you to use in your keywords search.

Now, this is a must for a fashion and beauty blog beginner. As you don't have a big audience, you have to also rely on organic search.

I'm not 100% sure, but I think that well-established fashion and beauty bloggers don't rely that much on keywords. I'm saying this because they already have an enormous audience that:

  1. knows when they usually post, and they wait for the article;
  2. shares the articles to their friends' lists.

Of course, these bloggers will keep using eye-catching headlines, and some keywords. But I don't think they will do a constant keywords research, because they are too busy creating amazing content for their loyal audience. Basically, they worked hard and now they are ripping the fruits. They are focusing on something else: constantly improving their writing, their photos, and engaging with their audience.

When they write a new article and they share it through social media, be sure that they will have constant traffic to that article, because of the reasons I mentioned above.

So, as a fashion and beauty blogging beginner, try to write articles with researched keywords, but to also develop a nice and loyal audience; so that you'll be able, later, to focus on more important blogging things.

There are more details about how can you find the best keywords for a blog article, you just have to read them here.

Write longer articles

This advice shouldn't scare you, really! We've mentioned that it is best to write articles that have at least 1.500 words. This is because Google likes articles that contain a lot of information regarding one subject. It will see that you are not focusing on just traffic, you are really trying to write an article to help readers know stuff. It's the simplest explanation I can come up with.

The advice shouldn't scare you, because, if you will do your keywords research well, you'll see that you'll have a lot of things to write about. Even just about 1-2 products!

Also, follow the recommendations I mentioned above, regarding what to include in your fashion and beauty articles. Create an outline out of these, and try to write as much as you can for each paragraph.

Fashion and beauty blogging permits you to include your honest opinion, therefore I'm sure that you'll have a lot of things to say.

Find a good blog platform and a nice blog theme

You're a lucky one because we wrote an explanatory article about how to choose the best blogging. In this article, you'll find tips on:

  • what to consider when you start a blog;
  • free platform/paid platform;
  • hosting services;
  • and many more

After you've decided what platform you will use, you need to start thinking about the theme. Think of what your blog name represents: simplicity, luxury, friendliness, girly, manly etc. It's up to you to decide what theme you want to choose, but it's best to go for a minimal one. Keep your readers focus exactly on your blog articles, and not on embellishments.

Use a good camera

As a fashion and beauty blog is all about beautiful photos, you have to use a good camera. Some smartphones have pretty nice cameras (iPhone 8Plus, iPhone X, Huawei P20, Samsung S9, Google Pixel) just good enough to start. If you already have one of these (or other smartphones good enough for beautiful photos), then you're good to go. These are even good enough to keep using them; they are light and you'll never forget them at home.

If your smartphone doesn't help you, or if you need something only for capturing photos and videos, then choose a versatile enough camera. Check your favorite bloggers to see what they are using – it's the best way to choose a camera for yourself.

Take beautiful photos. Find a great edit/filter

With the camera that you have, try to capture the products as well as you can. One photo of the product is not enough. Try to have at least two photos, just so that your readers will take a better look. Take the pictures in a well-lit room.

If it's possible, take photos of yourself using the specific photos (still, I'm not referring to selfies). Scatter these photos throughout the article, for a better visual. Or you can simply create carousels and albums if the theme lets you do these.

In terms of clothes, try to take photos of you wearing them. Try to get over your shyness and go out in the streets! Ask your partner to take your photos. This will show off clothes, right in the best light, in the best environment.

If you don't have this option, keep it simple, with flat lays, on a neutral background. Flat lays are photos where the products are arranged on a flat surface, and the photo is taken from above.

Beautiful pattern with fresh watermelon slices on yellow bright

Beautiful pattern with fresh watermelon slices on yellow bright

Designed by valeria_aksakova / Freepik

Tips on Fashion and beauty Blogging

Tips on Fashion and beauty Blogging

Designed by denamorado / Freepik

Tips on Fashion and beauty Blogging

Tips on Fashion and beauty Blogging

Designed by Freepik

To edit your photos, try to use a filter that will not alter the colors that much, but it will give the photo the nice vibe you want. Use Lightroom if you can; there are a lot of already created presets for this.

If you're on the go, use VSCO; the internet is full of VSCO presets, both free and paid. Just look for the ones that you love.

Either way, if you find a filter, try to stick with it. Lightroom is a great tool as it has both a desktop and a smartphone app, therefore you'll be able to constantly apply the same presets.

Another great photo editing tool is Pixlr. It also offers a desktop version, as well as a smartphone app.

Tip: Use Google Photos, to constantly have access to your photos. Edit your beloved pictures on the desktop, then instantly upload it to your smartphone, in order to post it on social media. Viceversa goes in the same efficient way. Take photos with your smartphone, then upload them into your computer in order to edit them. Again, vice-versa works in the same efficient way.

Where to promote your fashion and beauty blog articles

The best place to promote your fashion and beauty blog is Instagram, as it is the place for visuals. It's true, it's a bit inconvenient because you can't add links to the photos, you have to add them to your bio. Still, you can create a beautiful audience on Instagram, because you'll present your photos in an awesome way. This audience will constantly grow, therefore you'll be able to share links through your stories at some point.

The second place that brings a lot of traffic to your blog is…*drums*… Pinterest! It's a great search engine for everything, especially fashion. Try to set up rich pins, and to create beautiful vertical designs. You can create multiple pins for the same article. Pin them into Pinterest Groups. Add the right amount of text, including keywords.

Pinterest is a tremendous way of promoting your fashion and beauty blog, therefore use it as much as you can!

A third way to promote your fashion blog is through Twitter, though I believe this social media platform is not that focused on this subject. Other types of blogs (social media marketing, marketing, web design etc.) go much well than fashion and beauty.

Of course, be active also on Facebook, Google+, just to be sure that you will get enough traffic from everywhere. In the end, promoting a fashion and beauty blog is similar to promoting other types of blogs, but with a bit more focus on Pinterest and Instagram.

If you want to find other tips, ideas and information about blogging, check our category right here.

Feature image background – Designed by Freepik

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